Saturday, October 13, 2012

Laundry Room Part 2 - The Shelves

Bear with me as this post has a lot of pictures:)  As I said in Part 1 of my laundry room organization, I have a fairly large laundry room (almost the same size as our smallest bedroom) so we use it for a lot of storage.  However, it had become a dumping ground and I had nowhere to craft and felt overwhelmed every time I walked in.

The second part of the process was organizing everything on the shelves which run the length of one wall.  Here are the shelves before I started....

The insides of bins looked like this!

To start, I took everything off the shelves.  As I took it off the shelves, it was sorted into piles to keep, sort through, give away, or trash.  Once I'd gotten the trash and give away piles out of the way, I went through the keep and sort through piles.  I went through all the plastic containers and bins and sorted everything into categories.  I then put the categories back into bins so that like items were together instead of just thrown out of sight.  Some items were also moved like all the paper and pens above.  These were sorted into two separate smaller containers and put into the cabinet with my office supplies.  

I also found some items that needed new homes.  My earlier post about organizing user manuals came from this process since they were all thrown on the shelves in this room.

Once I sorted everything, I labeled the categories I created.  I printed the category onto a mailing label in word and then put it on some colorful paper to make it prettier:)  I used glue dots to attach the labels to plastic bins and ribbon to tie them to baskets.

And finally, my shelves now look so much better!

Two great reasons that this laundry room clean out was a good idea...
1.  Hubby knows where batteries, light bulbs, cords, etc. are and does not have to ask me every time he wants to look for something.  He can also put them back when he needs to instead of throwing it on the shelf because he doesn't know where I want it.
2.  I have extra room on the shelves.  If needed, I can add more categories and containers because I actually have extra space!  


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