Thursday, October 25, 2012

Blogging Binder

I am jumping on the bandwagon for this one!  Recently several of the blogs I love have posted their blogging binders.  Both this one by IHeart Organizing and this one from Simply Organized inspired me to create my own binder.  Before this binder, I was using a spiral notebook.  Not exactly efficient since my notes weren't in any particular order and I was always flipping pages to find what I wanted. 

Using a Martha Stewart 50% off coupon to Staples (love!), I purchased the binder.  I also bought a few sets of dividers and used a pencil case, pens, and post its that I already had from back to school sales. (I have realized from these pictures that I really need to learn how to use my fancy camera correctly.  I'm sure there is a way to make these look much better:)

Here is the inside of the binder.  I used my label maker to label each of the dividers.  I had 5 sections.
1.  Posts Done - I record the name of the post, date, and any link parties I participated to help me remember.
2.  Posts To Do - completed projects that I need to post on the blog
3.  To Complete - projects I have started that need to be finished before posting or that I have the materials for, but haven't completed yet
4.  To Buy - materials I need for a project, or items to keep my eye out for as I'm shopping
5.  Ideas - brainstorming and ideas for future projects or things I want to do around the house that could potentially be a post as well

I also included a calendar.  I may use these to track posts, or when I plan to post to the blog.  I haven't totally decided but a calendar is always useful:)

Here are two examples of the pages I have in the binder.  I used the same template as the "Projects to Complete" but changed the heading for different topics.  The back of the binder also contains a pocket divider which may be useful for ideas I find in magazines or papers to keep in the binder.

I created the documents I used in Powerpoint.  This is my new favorite way and I'm finding it really easy to use.
Creating this binder is leading me to some reorganizing of my desk so you'll see some future posts on that.  While I love the green bin on the corner of my desk (see my desk organization here), I have two binders that I don't want in the bin and I need to find a new system.  Stay tuned for how that plays out...I have some ideas:)

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