Monday, September 3, 2012

Chore Chart - Part 1

So, while driving home from my in-laws, I thought of about a hundred projects I want to do.  Like, I wish I had been able to write them down instead of drive, ideas:)  My daughter started kindergarten this year and I am trying to get her into a routine and give her more responsibility.  Her evenings are no longer play time after daycare because there is gymnastics, swimming, homework, etc.  In addition, she has been begging for a fish:)

We are going to combine the two ideas.  I received an allowance growing up and it is something we have decided to try in our house as well.  I created a chore chart that is hanging on the fridge.  She will receive a small allowance at the end of the week for doing her chores.

I used a plastic frame from Walmart because I knew I wanted to hang it on the fridge and I didn't want it to be very heavy.  Instead of glass, I used a sheet of plastic, again for the weight.  Then I backed it with a piece of cardboard.

I attached magnets to each corner to hang on the fridge.

Here it is hanging on the fridge.  The next step is to make a jar for her allowance that she is using towards the fish.  I will show you that in another post.

The chore chart is very simple, but she is five and this is new to her.  I'm sure this will be something we will add chores to or change as I decide if it is working for us.  In addition, she is expected to help in other ways around the house when asked, these are just the everyday basics.


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