Saturday, September 15, 2012

Chore Chart - Part 2

I recently posted about the chore chart I made for my daughter.  She was already doing these chores, but I wanted to create a visual reminder for her.  In addition, she is earning a small allowance to put towards the purchase of a fish she would like.  The second part of the chore chart is the can I created for her to save her allowance.  Since she is wanting a fish, I put that as a visual reminder for her on the can.

I started with an empty can from peanuts.  I washed it out and dried it really well.  Then I went to my computer and made a label for the can to remind Rylee what she was working towards.  I printed the picture onto a regular sheet of paper, cut to size for the can, and taped it on. 

Here is the finished product.  Very simple, but also a good way to start working on responsibility with my 5 year old.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fall Fabric Wreath

So, my love affair with Pinterest continues with this project.  Hubby is always complaining that I have about 2 total fall decorations.  It is his running joke that I won't have time to decorate for fall because I have so much stuff.  I didn't have anything for fall for my front door so I decided to start there.  I had seen this wreath on Pinterest and knew I could probably do something similar.

I started with a foam wreath from Michaels. 

I used more remnant fabric that I found over the summer at Joann Fabrics when I made the trip for my necklace organizer

The fabric was cut into strips.  I made some effort to make them similar in size but I didn't worry about it too much because I knew I could cut off excess as long as they were long enough.

I alternated strips of fabric and tied them around the wreath with a double knot.  I made sure I pushed them close together as I went so no foam wreath would show through.  I ended up not using the cream colored fabric because it was canvas and hard to tie nicely.  I used the patterned fabric with a brown after every two of the patterned.

Finally, I added an "M" monogram for some extra color.  I painted the M and tied it onto the wreath with the same color of embroidery floss.  Brown ribbon helped me hang it from the hook on my front door.

I started with more crafting projects over this past summer and I am loving this wreath!  I am so happy with how it turned out and it was really easy!  I like that it has some fall colors without being too dark.


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Monday, September 3, 2012

Chore Chart - Part 1

So, while driving home from my in-laws, I thought of about a hundred projects I want to do.  Like, I wish I had been able to write them down instead of drive, ideas:)  My daughter started kindergarten this year and I am trying to get her into a routine and give her more responsibility.  Her evenings are no longer play time after daycare because there is gymnastics, swimming, homework, etc.  In addition, she has been begging for a fish:)

We are going to combine the two ideas.  I received an allowance growing up and it is something we have decided to try in our house as well.  I created a chore chart that is hanging on the fridge.  She will receive a small allowance at the end of the week for doing her chores.

I used a plastic frame from Walmart because I knew I wanted to hang it on the fridge and I didn't want it to be very heavy.  Instead of glass, I used a sheet of plastic, again for the weight.  Then I backed it with a piece of cardboard.

I attached magnets to each corner to hang on the fridge.

Here it is hanging on the fridge.  The next step is to make a jar for her allowance that she is using towards the fish.  I will show you that in another post.

The chore chart is very simple, but she is five and this is new to her.  I'm sure this will be something we will add chores to or change as I decide if it is working for us.  In addition, she is expected to help in other ways around the house when asked, these are just the everyday basics.