Friday, August 10, 2012

Organizing Pictures

I can't believe summer is almost over!  I go back to work in about ten days and am happy to say I accomplished most of the things on my summer to-do list.  Of course, I added more projects over the summer to the list:)  I've got some ideas in my head for fall decorating I need to get started on so they are ready next month.  I'll post as I get them finished.

We spent about a week and a half on vacation so I have some posts to catch up on that I finished before we left.  I am also starting to get my classroom ready and may post some of my organizing tricks for that space also.

Can I saw how excited I am upon returning from vacation, while trying to catch up on all the blogs I love, I saw that I was featured on two different blogs from my necklace organizer  and home manual organization that I posted to their link parties.  As a new blogger and linker, I am beyond excited right now!!!

Enough about that...A big project for me this summer was organizing our pictures.  I had them in a variety of holders, boxes, etc.  I used a 40% coupon at Hobby Lobby to purchase an organizer for the pictures.  I purchased one similar to this.


I liked the smaller holders contained within a larger bin.  Then I pulled out all the mess that was piled on the shelves in our entertainment center.

 And this...Yikes!

I sorted all the pictures into categories or events.  If some events had a small amount of pictures, I combined them with other events.  For instance, I have Fall 2011 which contains the Pumpkin Patch trip, Halloween, and Rylee's birthday.

Then I labeled the back of each picture if it wasn't labeled.  I included the event, date, and who was in the photo.

I used mailing labels and typed out each category or event.  I cut scrapbook paper I had to 4x6 to fit in the smaller box with the pictures.  I stuck the label to the scrapbook paper to include with the pictures in each container.

Each event and the front page went into the organizer.

I also bought a box at Michaels for 5x7 and wallet sized pictures.  I used my label maker for this one.

I then used a box I already had for the 8x10 sized pictures.  This was bought many years ago at Ikea.

Everything is now looking very pretty and organized on the shelves of my entertainment center.  I even have extra space now!  I love when that happens.

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  1. I bought this exact same organizer for my pictures from Hobby Lobby! I haven't started organizing my pictures yet, but it's on my to-do list! Great job!!! =)

  2. Thanks Teresa! I think that type organizer is very popular but it works great!