Sunday, August 19, 2012

Organizing Art Supplies

Like many kids, my daughter loves art and art supplies.  She is especially fond of markers, colored pens, and mini notebooks.  I thought I would share the best way we have found to organize all these supplies.  The way we have done it is also simple enough for her to take out and put away when she is finished.

Her art supplies are all stored on the top shelf of the bookshelf that holds all her toys in our family room.  The other baskets and shelves hold toys that she keeps in the family room.  She has a small table and chairs in the family room that she can do her projects at as well.

The first thing all the way to the left on the shelf are all her coloring books, notebooks, and folders.  I used magazine holders on their side.  This way she can slide the books in and out of the holders.  I love it because they are no longer in stacks that fall over or she wants to pull the bottom one off the pile.  She can also easily see the covers and pick the one she wants.

In the middle of the shelf is a small basket I had around the house.  We used it to hold the small notebooks and pads of paper she likes so much.  Again, she can easily see her choices and pick the one she wants.

Finally, I used scrapbook caddy for all her makers, pens, stickers, etc.  I bought this a long time ago when I was into scrapbooking so I don't remember the price.  I know you can buy them at Michaels and Hobby Lobby, both of which offer coupons you can also use.

She is able to take the whole caddy with her to the table to use what she wants from it.  Everything can go back in before the whole thing goes back on the shelf.  It keeps me from finding supplies all over the floor, shelf, and table.

These are simple solutions that I have found work for us.  It also helps as my daughter gets older that she can take out and put away the supplies as she wants to use them.


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