Monday, August 13, 2012

Freezer Organization

Awhile back, my husband and I broke down and bought a chest freezer.  It is the kind that has a lid you lift up and everything goes down in there.  I like to save money whenever possible so I usually buy meats in bulk when they are on sale, put them in smaller portions, then freeze them until we need them for meals.  However, I could never find anything and was always digging in the freezer.  In addition, I wasn't making good use of what we had bought because I had no idea what was even in the freezer.  I'm not sure this is the system I am going to stick with but it is a huge improvement for now.  Here is what the freezer looked like before I started.  I always cringe at these pictures:)

My organizing solution for now is reusable grocery bags.  They were only 99 cents apiece while I work out a system I want to keep, and I figured they would hold up in the freezer for awhile.

I sorted the meats into the bags by type.  I ended up with three bags, one with beef, one with poultry, and one with pork.  The odds and ends are in our kitchen freezer or the mesh rack in the freezer.

Once everything was sorted, I put the bags into the freezer.

I also wanted an inventory so I would be able to better plan meals around what we already had in the freezer.  Initially, I googled freezer inventory to get an idea of what works before creating my own.  However, I found one that I decided would work.  I love the idea of in/out and using different marks.  It was a download offered for free at

Link to Printable

 After I filled out the inventory, I put it into a sheet protector and taped it to the top of the freezer.

If anyone has suggestions for containers that work well in a freezer or other great ideas for organizing a freezer, I would love to hear them.  This is working for us right now, but I anticipate changing my mind on this one:)


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