Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Under Construction - Part 1

We have been under construction for about a week now.  I have mentioned in previous posts that we are repainting our living room, kitchen, stairway and upstairs hall.  These portions of our house all connect so we went with one continuous color.  It has been chaos, but things are starting to come together.  I am very lucky and thankful that my hubby is very handy.

These doors have always been there, but previously had very ornate trim that was not our style.  In addition to the new wall color (loving the buttery yellow!), he has put the new trim on these doors and new baseboards.

This is one of my kitchen windows.  He put all the casing and trim around it and made it look very pretty for me!  It just had a sill at the bottom before.  The other window had all the trim work done when we moved in but this window was not finished in the same way.  I love it!

Those are the first big projects to be finished.  I also have a new kitchen ceiling light, new trim on the wainscoting, and new outlets and switches (no more tan 30 year old switches that don't match the switch covers!)  And I have dimmer switches too!

As we finish more of the rooms, I will show off some more great pictures.  Along with the painting, I have plans for redoing some furniture, maybe new window treatments, and more.  This is going to be an ongoing project (hubby is delighted...lol).


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