Monday, July 9, 2012

Jewelry Organization Part 1 - My Dresser

To get ready for our garage sale, I was trying to clean out as much as I could to put into the sale.  I mentioned before that I am in a definite clean out and simplify mood lately (too bad my daughter doesn't want to let go of some of those toys:).  I wear some jewelry, but I mostly wear the same pieces every day. 

I basically started with a big mess!  I have had the same jewelry box forever, I think since high school.  Not my style anymore and, because my dresser is tall, I had problems seeing into it.  Sorry, it is in a corner of our bedroom and the lighting is bad.

I sorted through everything in the jewelry box and put items I no longer wear into the garage sale pile.  This is what I was left with...not very much at all.  I had all the dishes I used sitting in my kitchen, rarely used.  I re-purposed them into jewelry holders for my dresser.  Now I can clearly see my choices when I'm getting ready in the morning.

I have had the ladybug dish a long time.  This now holds the items I wear every day like my watch.

This bowl holds bracelets.  Again, I had the bowl in my kitchen.  We used it for cereal sometimes, but we have three others:)

The last step was to put some sentimental pieces into my closet.  These are items that have been passed along in my family but are too old to wear.  Some are also nicer items that I don't wear too often and want put away for safe keeping.  They fit nicely in a plastic container I had sitting around in the top of my closet.

Part 2 of my jewelry organization will be a board I am going to make to hang necklaces.  I only have a few but the board will keep them from being tangled and add some "artwork" to a wall in our bedroom.  Stay tuned for that post.


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