Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I Made it for Free! - Coloring Box

While wasting time on Pinterest (after the amount of time I am on it, I'm sure wasting is the correct word:), I pinned this nifty little thing.  It is from a post by SimplyFrugalMom.com.  The great thing about this is that I had the post-its, markers, and box all at home so my project was...COMPLETELY FREE!  I love it!

Link to Simply Frugal Mom.com
I love this idea!  Since we were going to dinner a few nights ago and my daughter loves to draw, I thought I'd put something together to occupy her at the restaurant.  I started with a plastic wipes case.  We had 2 of them sitting around for the last 3 years of my daughter being potty trained and I found them while cleaning out her closet.

I originally covered it in fabric to make it pretty.  Epic fail!  It kept the latch from closing so into the trash it went and I started over with the 2nd one I had laying around. I also used post-it notes and markers.

I used clear packing tape to attach the back of the post-it note pad to the lid of the wipes container.

After I was finished attaching the two pads, the inside of the lid looked like this.

Then I added the markers.  I chose markers because I thought it could be left in the car without them melting (especially since its over 100 in Chicago today...just crazy!).  Also, my daughter is old enough that she won't draw on anything other than the paper with them.

And finally, here is what it looks like closed.  

Everything fit very well and its very handy to leave in the car or grab when I know we are going out and need to keep my daughter busy.  Got to love Pinterest:)




  1. This is such a great idea.. I am always fishing out a ball point pen and the back of my checkbook to entertain my kids at restaurants.. this is SO MUCH BETTER! And all in one handy little kit!

    1. Thanks for visiting! We are loving the convenience of it. Got to love Pinterest:)