Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kitchen Organizing Part 2 - Utensils

I mentioned last week about our summer project.  Since hubby and I are both off, I have convinced him to redo part of our 1st floor.  We have been in our house almost 10 years!  The 1st floor hasn't been touched since we painted in the first month we lived here way back when.  Definitely time for a change!  Part of fixing things up involves moving some things around (in my mind, maybe not in hubby's:) and reorganizing.

I have a plan to do away with the hutch portion of my buffet because it is just too big for the room it is in, really gobbles up the whole space.  I have been moving things around and making room in my kitchen for some of the dishes I was keeping in the hutch. 

Last week, I posted my spice cabinet reorganization.  This week I worked on my utensil drawers.  My kitchen is not very spacious.  My cabinets and drawers are very skinny so I am trying to make the best use of space and still be organized...mostly.  Here is what my utensil drawers looked like before...

Not entirely sure what all is in the front of the drawer, but I do know I usually have to dig for things.  This is the 2nd drawer...

A little better.  Then there is the 3rd drawer.  What a waste of space!

I started by taking everything out and sorting it on my kitchen table.  I put similar items together and tossed ones that were old or never used.

I bought another utensil organizing tray at Home Goods.  I also washed and reused the organizers I already had in two of the drawers.

I tried to have a process for finding a home for the items after sorting.  I put steak knives and all our silverware in the top drawer.  The basket in the back holds straws and corn holders.  The basket is from the dollar section of Target.  I bought a set of 4 for $1 and used a few in my spice cabinet also.

The next drawer is smaller items. 

Finally, is all my larger utensils.

I keep all my wooden utensils in a crock on my counter for now.  I love the crock and haven't found anything else that works as well in it.

While it is taking some getting used to opening a different drawer for many of the items, I no longer have to dig for the can opener or cut myself on the peeler before I find it in there.  I also feel good that I was able to toss a few items that were worn out or didn't really serve a purpose for me.  It gave me some extra space.  I hope you were able to find an idea that might work for you!


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