Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kitchen Organizing Part 1 - Spices

Summer vacation from teaching = projects!  I have a need to always be doing drives hubby crazy:) I FINALLY convinced him to repaint and touch up some areas of our 1st floor.  This required me to pack up the china and family dishes in my hutch.  I am thinking I may do away with the hutch but I'll address that in a future post.

The reason I mention this project is that it ties into my kitchen.  We will be painting part of the kitchen, but I am also thinking about putting some of my china in kitchen cabinets if I decide to do away with the hutch (I'd keep the bottom buffet part of the cabinet).  Therefore, I have started cleaning out cabinets and throwing away things we don't use or don't need.  I'm guessing the things with a good layer of dust, we don't really need anymore:)

There are two main areas of my kitchen that I wanted to reorganize as I clean out.  One is my spice cabinet and the other consists of my three utensil drawers.  This post is step 1, which was my spice cabinet.  Here is the you know what's in there?  Because I don't:)

My first step was to clean it out.  I had a few empty boxes and lots of expired spices (who knew they expire?)  Then I went to Target to search for a shelf like I have seen used to stack the spices so you can see them.  After Target and Home Goods, I didn't find a shelf.  I did find this little gem at Home Goods, though, and decided to run with it.

I also bought some baskets in the dollar section of Target.

I put the spices into the rack and labeled the fronts of each section using the premade labels that came with the rack.  Some of the spices were pre-printed on the labels and the others I wrote on the blank ones that were included.

Next to the spice rack are extra spices (full and unopened) of ones already in the rack and baking soda which we use a lot.  Here is what the inside of the spice cabinet looks like.  Each of the three drawers pulls out.

I put spice and sauce packets into one of the baskets.

I put this basket along with baskets of baking needs, such as sprinkles and icing, on the second shelf.  I don't do a lot of baking so I don't really need much access to these items.

The third shelf up is taller items that I don't use as often or have smaller containers on the counter for cooking (like salt and pepper).  These include extra salt, cooking spray, and dip mixes.

The very top shelf holds our coffee grinder and extra tea and tea bags.  I keep tea on the counter as well in a pretty container since I drink it a lot!  I fill that container from these boxes.

The after of my cabinet.  So much better!  Even my husband commented on it.  He noticed!:)

The final step was an inventory of spices that I attached to the inside of the door.  I included the name of the spice, the expiration date, and if I had any extras on hand.  I left blank spaces so I can fill in when I buy new spices as well.

A close-up of the inventory.

I am so happy with my organized cabinet!  I have limited kitchen space so purging as been so helpful this week!  I have found lots of extra space, although it was hard to realize I just need to let go of some things to make room for things I know we will use.  Work will now begin on my utensil drawers so stay tuned.


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