Thursday, May 3, 2012

The "Not Fun" Projects

Today is one of those "Not Fun" project days, but it is completely necessary.  Since beginning blogging and finding blogs that I use for school, I have a million things in my downloads and on my desktop.  All the icons all over the place were driving me CRAZY!  So, I am creating folders, organizing the things I want to keep, and trashing items I don't need.  I will feel much calmer when I go to work on my computer now...

Here is the brief process I used:
1. I created folders for the topics I knew I would need - school, blog, graduate classes
2.  I opened up my downloads folder (on a mac, this is where everything goes)
3.  If I knew what the item was, I moved it to the correct folder or deleted it
4.  If I couldn't tell right away what the item was, I opened it and made a decision where to put it
5.  I went back through my folders and created some sub folders (my school folder was a mess!)
6.  I created new names for many of the items so I would know what it was in the future (usually to be more specific and make it easier to identify later)

What projects have you been avoiding because they don't sound very fun?  Take a few minutes and get them over with! 


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