Thursday, May 17, 2012

Household Binder - Part 3 (Our Family)

I am continuing to work on our Household Binder when I have some free time.  There isn't much of that during the last 2 weeks of a school year when we are both teachers and have report cards, programs, end of year activities.  I previously posted about the beginning of my binder (Here).  The second section I created for my binder was all about our finances (Here).  The next section I am working on in my Household Binder is Our Family.  I have a few different items that I am going to put in sheet protectors in this section.  I typed up a general information sheet for our family that includes our names, address, phone numbers, important dates, and medical information.  For privacy, you will just have to take my word for it:)

I also created a list for Important Phone Numbers.  I will write the company name, the account it holds, phone number, and any other necessary information such as policy numbers.  If we ever have to leave our house in a hurry, this binder will have what we need to call insurance, etc.

Another page included will be a sheet of important dates.  I have a planner, I have a phone, but this is a one page reference, especially if hubby needs to know any dates.  And if anything ever happens to my calendar in my phone, I will have this as a back up.

I printed off my address list from my contacts on my computer and put it in a sheet protector also.  This is what I use to create labels for Christmas cards or invitations.  I refer to the contacts in my computer, but again, this provides me with a back up copy.

That is what I have for this section so far.  However, even since I began this a few weeks ago, I have tweaked the sections I want and what I want in them.  So....this could still evolve:)

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