Sunday, May 13, 2012

Household Binder: Part 2 (Finances)

This month, I am following along with Kristin at The O.C.D. Lifestyle as she creates her Household Binder (her May challenge).  Last week, I showed you the cover I made for my binder.  This weekend, I created pages for the finance section of my binder.  I had a bill record sheet I was previously using, however, with now paying bills online, there was way more information on the page than I needed (check number, date sent, etc.)  I created a one page document to keep track of the bills to be sure I pay them:)  I am writing the date the bill is due in each box and then leaving room to check next to it when I have paid the bill online.
And, because Kristin always has brilliant ideas, she created a password and account information sheet.  I love this idea because I pay the bills.  My hubby would have no idea where to go and what information to use should he ever need to pay the bills for me.  In addition, I have the usernames and passwords listed in a variety of places and this gives me one spot to contain them all and have them ready for reference.
I put the monthly bill planner in one of the pockets of my binder.  I am toying with putting the bills in that pocket as well when they come in the mail.  Right now, they get thrown in the top drawer of my desk, but this might keep things more streamlined if its all together...

I put the password page in a sheet protector right behind the bills folder.

Alli over at the Scattered Squirrel is also creating a binder and has been sharing some great ideas that she is including in her binder as well.  Check it out!  There is such a wide variety of items you could include in a binder, depending on what suits the needs of your family.  You can see why I think I may need a bigger binder:)


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