Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Creating a Household Binder

I have begun the process of creating a Household Binder.  It has been on my to do list since I saw the one Jen at IHeart Organizing created (find her post Here).  Then Kristin at one of my very favorite blogs, The OCD Life, made it her May challenge!  This really inspired me to get my butt in gear:)  And it is also helping keep me on track to actually get it done as I see her posts about it.

I had a binder around the house that I am starting with.  It is a 1" binder which I feel may be too small as I decide everything I want to include, but it was free for now:)

I also had plastic pockets and dividers already in the binder from it's previous life.
Then I created a cover for my household binder using inspiration from others I have found. 

 I really wanted to put it in the front of the binder but, alas, it doesn't have an opening in the plastic.  So, I put it inside in a sheet protector instead.

I am very excited about this binder for many reasons.  In our house, I manage the finances and many of the household duties.  I always worry that my husband would not have the necessary information available should he one day take over these tasks.  By creating the household binder, I plan to include anything that would be useful should someone else ever need to help out.

I may include? (still brainstorming):
  • bills and home finances
  • important passwords and bill pay information
  • phone numbers such as insurance, doctors, etc.
  • menu planning
  • family information such as emergency contacts (could be useful for a babysitter)
  • house decorating information like paint colors used
  • holiday - card addresses, card lists, gift lists
  • important dates list
As I said, a 1" binder may not be enough.  Yikes!  And I am also thinking I may decide some of these items would be better suited somewhere else.  I plan to share as I go so I'll post about the binder as I create more parts of it.


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