Friday, April 27, 2012

A Pretty Little Clipboard

A few weeks ago I posted about my menu planning each week (here).  Then Kristin at The OCD Lifestyle (awesome!  Find her here) posted a picture of her grocery shopping on her Facebook page and she had her menu plan attached to the cutest clipboard!  So, I decided I must have one too!  While I am sure I could have gone looking for one, I have old clipboards laying around (thats the teacher part of me) and so I did a little makeover.

I had fabric leftover from the hair bow holder I made for my daughter (find that here) so I used that.  I had planned to use scrapbook paper, which may be better to write on, but this was FREE! I also had some ribbon from a previous project that I used to make the edges look pretty.

Here is a shot of clipboard I used.  I did make a cut out in the fabric around the clip at the top.

I put Mod Podge on the front of the clipboard and stuck the fabric to it.  I left excess to wrap around the edges so everything would lay nicely. 

Then I put more Mod Podge on the back to adhere the edges.

Then I used more Mod Podge :) to attach a different fabric to the back.

I used a hot glue gun to attach ribbon to the edges to cover where the fabrics overlapped.

Some ribbon also went around the edge of the clip to cover the fabric edges.

Here is the finished clipboard with my weekly menu plan sheet.  I'm really excited to use it each week as I go shopping.  It will be easier to cross items off my list with something to write on.  Plus I can clip my coupons to it or anything else I may need while shopping.