Sunday, April 22, 2012

Little Ways to Go Green!

Our family is always trying to find ways that we can "Go Green."  I thought for Earth Day, I would share a few of the things we do.  I know that there are millions of ways and thousands of things we can or should be doing.  These were simple changes for us that were low cost and we have been able to stick with.

We bought a large black composting container that sits in a corner of our backyard.  I keep this container on the counter and I put all our fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, and tea bags in this container.  When it is full, we dump it into the larger bin in the yard.  There are many systems sold for the counter top, but this container was cheap at Target and we empty it often enough that it doesn't smell in the kitchen.

We have two cans in our kitchen.  One is for trash and the other is for our recycling.  We are fortunate that our garbage company also recycles.  They have a big can that we put out with our trash bins.  We put cans, bottles, newspaper, plastics, etc. in this bin and empty it into the bigger bin when it is full.

Rain Barrel
 A rain barrel sits at the corner of our garage and hooks to the end of our gutter.  This collects rain water.  We then use the spout to fill water cans for our flower pots or to water plants.  This helps us save water and keeps our water bill down in the warmer months.

 Reusable Bags
Weekly shopping trips include reusable bags.  I have bought them from a variety of sources, usually when stores offered them cheap or on clearance.  I grab these anytime I head out for my grocery runs and make sure to keep them clean as well.  

I hope, through this post, you find some ideas that will help your family as well.  We are always finding new ideas to try.  Recently, my husband was up late watching TV and saw tips for using Grapefruit Essential Oil in may see that post on here one day:)


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