Thursday, March 22, 2012

Classroom Library Organization

I thought I would show how I organize my classroom library at school.  I have seen lots of pictures on Pinterest of classrooms and I just recently redid the labels for my bins after finding cute ones thru Pinterest.  I have a variety of baskets and bins because it saved money to use the ones I have collected over the years.  There is another set of shelves facing this one with the exact same set up, just different themes.  I found the labels here on KinderTastic, a blog I originally found from someone's pinning on Pinterest. I also made some of my own labels for any themes that were not included.

Here is a view of what the front of each bin looks like.  Because of the picture on the front, my students this year have been able to sort the books without a problem based upon the character.  I have, in the past, also included a sticker on each book to help the students match it to the correct bin.  Good luck organizing your books!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Simple Crayon Holder


I had a brainstorm while eating my last piece of gum today.  This is the perfect size for some crayons!  My daughter has a plastic school box full of crayons but I can't really throw it in my purse for a meal out or a trip to the doctor's office.  She loves to draw and write so a small notebook and crayons always occupies her while we are out and about.  For this idea, I used a large empty Mentos gum container, colored duck tape and crayons.  I covered the outside of the container with the duck tape.  We had yellow on hand (although when the fun prints go on sale or I have a coupon I will pick some up for future projects).  

I am going to work on other materials that would cover and look better due to the rippled outside of the container but this works for now.  I also want to cover the top of the lid with a label of some sort to cover the gum label.  It fits about 8 crayons with plenty of room to close the lid.

An easy solution to throw some crayons in a bag and go!  Or to keep them in my purse at all times so we always have some when we need them!