Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Letting Go Vol. 2

I've accumulated some products that I am decluttering so I thought I would continue with another volume of Letting Go.  I started this series in January as a way to share products that I am getting rid of after trying them out, but they aren't empty.  I am not necessarily posting these every month, just once I gather a few to share.

1.  Pacifica sea foam complete face wash - This face wash breaks me out very badly.  I couldn't figure out why my skin kept breaking out last fall.  I was alternating between this product and other deluxe sized face washes.  My skin would be great for awhile then horrible for awhile.  I have mentioned before a woman on Instagram (@imalilcupcake) who posts a lot about her skincare and how she has helped clear up her skin.  She told me that she has a lot of problems with coconut products and to investigate the ingredients.  In my February haul, I talked a bit about using a website to look up acne triggers.  This face wash is pretty high on the acne triggers.  As soon as I stopped using it, my face cleared up and I haven't had many problems with breakouts since.

2.  Well People Bio Brightener in Moonstone - This is a sample from Birchbox of a highlighter.  The full size comes in stick form.  I am decluttering this product because it has just gotten too old.  I have been using it for almost 2 years, it is a cream product, and I am starting to see darker spots in it that weren't there before.  I do really like this product and it is almost gone but I know a more natural cream product won't last forever and it just needs to go.

3.  Ilia lipgloss in The Butterfly and I - This is also a more natural product that I have had for quite awhile.  The unfortunate part is that I just opened this in the fall when I was going through all my lip products.  But within a few weeks, it smelled bad and had accumulated little black dots inside the gloss that weren't there before.  So, unfortunately, this product was never really used.

4.  Cargo blush in Bali - I had this blush as one of my picks for February.  I found it to be very patchy and hard to blend.  I had tried other Cargo blushes and I liked them so I am assuming this one has just gotten old.  Or it might be the shade.  But I have a lot of blushes I prefer to fighting to make this one work.

5.  NYX lipstick in Thalia - This lipstick was the first product I bought on a Youtube recommendation and it was very many years ago.  I had it in a recent project but the coloring looks weird and it has gone bad.  I do really like the shade, although I'm not even sure they make it anymore.

6.  Hourglass powder in dim light - I posted about this powder on my Instagram.  I bought it in the smaller size at the VIB sale last year because everyone posts about how great these are.  I just returned this product to Sephora.  It pulls very pink on my skin and looks very unnatural.  This make me sad because I think they give a beautiful finish, but it just doesn't work for me.

As you can see, these products aren't all duds.  The lipstick and highlighter are both products I have loved and are almost gone, but went bad before I could finish them off.  This is another reason why I am working on panning and even giving away products I won't get to use.


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  1. Oh no about the Pacifica face wash! But I'm glad you figured out what what causing the acne flare up and could take it out of your skincare routine

    1. I know! But I did love the kale detox face wash and will definitely repurchase that one.