Monday, January 9, 2017

Beauty Empties - December

Time to wrap up the empties of 2016 with December's empties.  I know everyone says this, but I can't believe it is January of a new year already.  I'm sure it will be another great one!

Haircare Empties:
Redken Triple Take 32 hairspray - This was fine.  I bought it because I was running low and it was half price at Ulta.  It didn't wow me enough to go out and repurchase.
Tresemme anti-breakage shampoo - I know this is a cheap drugstore shampoo but I really like it.  I don't get buildup and it doesn't make my hair greasy.  I would repurchase but it won't be soon because I have some to work though and I'd like to try some new ones.

Bodycare Empties:
Juice Beauty Green Apple Age Defy Hand Cream - This came in a sample bag or box at some point.  I didn't like it.  It wasn't moisturizing enough for me.
Bath and Body Works Sea Island Cotton lotion - Cotton is my favorite scent!  I like these lotions and I do love this scent.  However, I don't usually buy BBW lotions just because it is easier for me to run to Target or Ulta when I need lotion.
Bliss Micro Magic microdermabrasion - I got this in a PopSugar box and I assume it is for your face. The scent and scrubby parts were way to harsh for my face to I ended up using it as a body scrub.  I wouldn't purchase it.
Ponds Rejuveness anti wrinkle cream - This was a fine face cream but I wasn't a huge fan so I finished it off on my neck and chest area.

Other Empties:
Sephora cotton rounds - My favorite!
Ulta Cotton Pads - I'll buy them in a pinch if I don't have any Sephora ones.
Kerstin Florian Correcting At-Home Professional Peel - I am so happy to finally have finished these since they were pricey.  I was very bad about using them consistently so I can't say they had a fabulous effect on my skin.  I'd like to try something similar and use them regularly to see if they really do work.  If you have a brand for me to try, let me know!
Stella McCartney Pop perfume sample - This came in a Sephora Play box and I really liked it.  When the weather gets a little warmer and I finish some other perfumes, I plan to buy a rollerball of this scent.

Makeup Empties:
It Cosmetics CC Cream - Just like so many other people, I do like this CC cream.  The only part I don't like is that I am in between the fair and light shades.  I can bronze up the light shade in the winter to make it work but for the price, I'm not sure I really want to be doing that.  It may be a repurchase one day.
Pixi Brightening Peach Corrector - I use this under my eyes before my concealer to cancel out the dark circles.  I like this one and it does the job.  I am currently trying a Becca product instead and I'd like to try the Erase Paste too at some point before I repurchase.
Sumitra eyeliner in purple - I can't tell you the exact shade because I've sharpened it too far down at this point.  Purple eyeliners are my favorite and I really liked this one.  There are other brands that are more readily available that I would purchase over this one.
Cargo Boundless Lashes mascara - No.  It did nothing for my lashes and I layered it under other mascaras because it was worthless on its own.
Urban Decay Perversion mascara - I like this mascara but I find that it dries out and flakes on me very quickly.  Perhaps it was the sample, but I only got a few weeks out of this.
Stila Lip Glaze in Honeydew - I love these lip glazes even though they are sticky because I find they last a long time.  I have been working through quite a few I used to I probably won't repurchase for awhile.
Bite Beauty duo in musk and lychee - I liked these lipsticks.  They were moisturizing and I loved the colors.

Items to declutter:
Garnier BB cream - I've been trying to work through this for awhile now.  It is way too dark for me in the winter and I'm sure it is expired at this point.  It seems to be breaking me out as well.  I got a lot of use out of it though.
Marcelle 3 in 1 - This moisturizer from Birchbox broke me out so I stopped using it.
Derma E Makeup Remover - This is horrible.  It is like a gel and it is goopy and it gets in my eyes and doesn't remove anything.
ACV apple cider vinegar hair rinse - I know this is supposed to be good for your hair but it just seemed to make my hair greasy when I used it.
Kiehls Nourishing Olive Fruit Oil conditioner - I bought this with the shampoo for travel but it is way too thick and moisturizing for my hair.  It makes it very greasy so the rest needs to go.

For the month of December, I used up 22 products (11 full size, 8 deluxe size, and 3 samples).  I also decluttered 11 items.

For the year I have moved out 321products!  I'm pretty happy with that!


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