Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Was It Worth It? - Thoughts on August's Purchases

Time for some reviews for you!  I will be letting you know my thoughts on the items I purchased in August of this year.

Birchbox - My first purchases were free with Birchbox points.  I have yet to use the DermaE or Caudalie products because I am finishing up others first that are already open.  I have used the Ruffian varnish top coat since it replaced one that was old and goopy.  The SeaRX and Aloe were both samples with my order.  They have already been in an empties post but they weren't anything I'd purchase.

Sephora - I was interested in trying one of the Bare Minerals gen nude liquid lipsticks and it was offered as a 100 point perk.  I stocked up on some cotton rounds and included the lipstick in my order as well.  I really like the liquid lipstick formula and don't find it drying at all. I did keep it in my recent declutter.

Walgreens - I was determined to track down this lip balm because it sounded so fun when I saw an ad in a magazine.  I do really like it but definitely don't give it as much love as I should.

Coastal Scents - Coastal Scents was offering their hot pots (single shadows) for 99 cents!  I couldn't pass up trying a few.  I love the shades I chose and the formulas have been amazing to work with.  I also received the little quad as a free sample.  I would definitely buy more of these singles.  

Ulta - This purchase was a result of a day of extra points Ulta offered on certain items.  The Tea Tree oil was 10X points and this is the bottle I am currently working on.  The Burts Bees is my husband's favorite chapstick and was 5X points.  The rest of the items were samples. I gave away the shampoo and conditioner samples since they aren't right for my hair type.  I have used one of the chia seed body lotions and it had a crazy strong smell.  I'll use the other one but I wouldn't purchase it.  I haven't tried the Ulta lotion yet.

Sephora - I purchased the Nars concealer as a backup to my Urban Decay.  I am still working on finishing up the Urban Decay one but have started to scrape the sides so it will be done soon.  Looking back, I didn't really need the Nars concealer yet and could have waited awhile to purchase it.  I also bought a travel size of the LaVanilla deodorant because I heard good things and I know I should be using a more natural deodorant.  I have tried the deodorant and it is not for me.  I stunk by 4:00 that day and it was awful.  I'm going to give it to my daughter to use because it will work for her and I'll keep hunting for one that works for me.

I am happy to say that, unlike other months, I have actually used some of these products and the samples included in the orders.  I am trying to be better about not feeling like I "need" so many backups of products.  When I open my last one, or even when my last one is half full, is when I really need to be buying a replacement, not when I still have unopened products waiting.

I hope you are enjoying these reviews of what I have purchased in the past.  I think in 2017, I am going to post each purchase separately to keep my posts shorter (still thinking on that one).  That way, my reviews will be shorter as well.


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  1. That limited edition Vaseline looks so pretty. Hopefully this is still out when I finish my current lip balm!