Monday, October 31, 2016

Project Use It Up - October Update/November Goals

I can't believe it is already November!  I'm already starting to think about and prepare for another holiday season!

Looking back through the blog, I didn't post October goals here.  We had lost internet for about a week and a half and so I just posted a brief overview on Instagram.

So here is what I posted for October...

I was able to finish the Marcelle golden glow BB cream and also the Murad Intensive-C Peel (which I forgot to cross off).  You will see those products along with reviews in my empties.  I used the peel 4 times (once a week) so I was able to check all those boxes.  I also finished a perfume sample, 2 deluxe samples, and 5 foil packets.  I haven' been painting my nails very often because they've been dry and peeling so I am trying to give them a break from polish for a bit.

These are my November goals.  I am keeping the categories the same and adding back in the peel pads that I had previously each month.  I didn't want to use them along with the Murad peel but I do need to try to finish them up since they are drying up.

These are the products that I had in previous months that I am carrying over.  I used quite a bit of the Murad toner and Pure Grace perfume during October.  I think I might be able to finish the perfume in November.  I thought I would have the Ponds cream finished but I still have a bit left.
I took out the Garnier BB cream because I have put it into my Crossing 6 off our Christmas list project pan and will be tracking the progress there.
I didn't put the Marc Jacobs Dot fragrance in the picture.  I am keeping it in this project and will continue to use it but I am going to focus on the Pure Grace this month to see if I can finish it.

These are the two products I am adding in for November.  I will be using this mask once a week and hopefully it only has about two uses left.  I don't use the Lancome every day but if I use it on weekends and maybe some nights before bed, then I can finish it this month as well.

Hope you all had a fun Halloween!

*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased by me.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.

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