Tuesday, October 11, 2016

My Sephora Play Event Experience

I recently attended one of the Sephora Play events near me so I thought I would share a little bit about the experience.

The closest store offering the event to me is 45 minutes but I was going to be up that way having dinner with a friend so we both went.

At the back of the store, the associates had a table set up with the products from the September box.  We had two associates who visited with us and shared about the products from the box.  They were very nice, answered questions, and were very personable.  Unfortunately, I do not remember their names.

Everyone introduced themselves to begin the event and it was fun to see such a mix of women who love the Sephora Play box.

The associates explained every item in the September box including how it should be used and more information about the product.  The other women from the event were encouraged to chime in with their experiences and suggestions about the products as well.  This was the majority of the time we spent at the event.

Our two associates also showed us how to use the app with the information that comes in the box every month.  It was fun to see how you can watch videos for more information about the products.
We also got a few free samples from the event which was a fun bonus!

I really enjoyed learning more about the products and hearing about the other women at the event who have used them.  I wasn't sure the Living Proof night cap would ever be a product I would use.  However, after hearing them all talk about it and the associates give more information, I have since tried it and like it.

It was a fun experience and if it works out, I'd definitely attend again.  However, due to the distance from my house, this isn't a week night event I'd drive to every time.  It would be nice if they added them at more stores so there are more options closer to me.

Have you attended a Play event?  What did you think?


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