Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Bare Minerals Mystery Box Reviews

Every so often, Bare Minerals offers a mystery box.  I have paid $30 for this box and $40 for this box and they usually offer it with free shipping.  Not having tried many items from this brand, I was excited to try out their products.  The most recent mystery box I bought was back in June so I thought I would give some updates on my thoughts on the products.

This was all the items that came in the box.

I love the silver makeup bag.  It is so fun and a great size for my purse.  I was super excited to use these smaller brushes for travel but I don't find them to be great quality.  They don't blend product well and feel scratchy.  The eye brush is okay, I just don't have much use for it at the moment.

Marvelous Moxie gloss in rule breaker - I haven't used this since I received it.  I am working on decluttering my lip products so I will be wearing it in the next couple of weeks and I will post my thoughts on whether I'm keeping it or not on my Instagram.

Buxom full on lip color in Brooklyn - Again, I haven't worn this since I received it.  I'll update on my Instagram if I'm keeping it.

Eyecolor in Nude Beach and True Gold - I love these shades!  I use them occasionally when I want a one eyeshadow look.  I need a better sticky base for them like Mac Fix plus or something so I can use them easier.

Big and Bright eyeliner in chocolate - I really like this eyeliner.  It isn't as dark brown as I would like but I run a bit of shadow over it and it helps it stand out a bit more.

Pop of Passion in pink passion - I recently used one of these up in my Finish 50 by Fall that I got in my first mystery box.  It was okay, not a favorite, so I'm going to pass this one on to someone else instead of opening it.

Primetime oil control foundation primer - I haven't used this yes since I'm trying to finish an older primer.  However, I'm exciting about the oil control claims.

Pop of Passion cream cheek color in petal passion - I don't find myself reaching for this product much.  It isn't a color I gravitate towards and it is a little tacky.  I will likely declutter it with my next declutter.

All Over Face Color in enchanted beauty - I really love this shade but forget to reach for it often.  I need to pull it back out for a little glow.

Overall, I have found some great products in these mystery boxes.  I am sometimes frustrated when I find I really like one of the products or colors and it is discontinued (which can happen often with these boxes).  They are definitely worth the money in my opinion.  You get a ton of products, often full size for the cost of one or two full size items.

I may pick one of these up again in the future.  It will depend on timing and where I am in my downsizing journey.  I am really trying to be good about my spending in all areas of my life and cutting back on unnecessary spending.  While I love the surprise of getting these boxes, I often don't need or won't use many of the products.  If you have never tried a mystery box before, I definitely think they are a fun way to go.


*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased by me.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.

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