Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Was it Worth It? - Thoughts on April's Purchases

Sorry for the absence in posts lately.  We have been traveling a bunch as the end of summer nears.  Both the hubby and my daughter go back to school this week so we are returning to a normal schedule (mostly...hard when it still feels like summer).  I wanted to let you know my thoughts on the purchases I made in April and give some updates.  You can check out the items I bought here in my original post.

My first was an Ulta purchase with a 20% off coupon I had received.
My Thoughts:
The Tresemme Thermal Creations spray is my holy grail.  I use it every time I straighten my hair and have repurchased multiple times.
I have fallen off the wagon with my Clarisonic and haven't been using it often.  My favorite brush heads are the sensitive kind.
I am using the Naked skin concealer now and I like it.  I'm not sure it will become my holy grail concealer but it works well.  I had ordered the shade fair neutral and it was too light so I exchanged it for light warm which is a better match for me.
I'm not exactly sure what samples came in that bag so watch my Instagram if you're interested in sample reviews (@lovetobebusyblog).  I haven't used the deluxe samples pictured either.

I bought a travel size shampoo and conditioner from Kiehls and the rest were samples that came with the purchase.
My Thoughts:
I am not a fan of the Nourishing Olive Fruit Oil shampoo and conditioner.  They make my hair greasier and I can only use them if I know I'm washing my hair the next day again.  I'm trying to finish them up.
I know I have worked through some of the samples in this picture so check out IG for my reviews.

My final purchase was during the Sephora VIB sale with the 15% off coupon.
My Thoughts:
I do not like the Shiseido cotton squares.  I bought them to try out since so many people rave about them.  However, I felt like they got very flimsy when they were wet and didn't swipe over my skin very well.  I would not purchase them again.
Obviously, this is not my first Beauty Blender but I take advantage of the coupon to buy a back up.
This Sephora Collection brush is perfect for blending out my eye looks and I use it every day.

I hope you are enjoying these updates.  I'm glad to see I used most of the products that I purchased this month instead of having them sit around like the products from my last update.  Go me!:)


*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased by me.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.


  1. I have heard really good things about the Shiseido cotton squares as well. That's a shame that you didn't like them, I'm sure they were pretty expensive. I feel like the Naked Skin concealer is good but not a holy grail as well. The search for the perfect concealer continues!

    1. I have tried so many concealers! Why is it so hard? lol

    2. Haha I don't know! But how satisfying will it be to finally find one!!

  2. I love Tresemme, I'll have to try out that product!
    xo, Syd