Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Project Use It Up - August Update/September Goals

I can't believe it is the end of August already!  We are starting school a few weeks later than usual due to construction and it feels very weird to have August coming to an end and just starting school.  I did a good job this month of meeting my masking goals and painting my nails.

I was able to mark off all my goals for the month of August.  Our days are returning to normal and we are only traveling on the weekends, if at all, so that should help with my progress over the next few months.

I was able to finish the Benefit Professional oil blotting stick (finally!) and you will see that in my empties along with the Kiehls serum which I also finished.  I am still doing a horrible job of using the peel pads.

For September, I am adding two boxes for masks since I really want to try to use one every week.  Otherwise, I am keeping my numbers the same.

I have a Murad peel I am trying to use up before the end of my Finish 50 by Fall project in September so I have added that instead of the peel pads this month.  I don't think it would be good to try and use both on my skin.

Here are some progress marks on the items in my project.  I am making small progress on the Murad toner.  I use this on my body when I get break outs so I don't necessarily use it every day.  I only used the Philosophy Pure Grade perfume once or twice.  I focused on the Marc Jacobs perfume or worked on perfume samples.  I have been using the Ponds cream every time I put on lotion.  It is hard to tell but there is progress.  Finally, I use the Garnier BB Cream every time I put on makeup but when I hold it up to the light, it doesn't look like there is any progress.  I'm hoping it is going down in the middle and just clinging to the sides of the tube a bit.

I am going to be adding these three items into the project.  I have been using the Algenist vitamin C serum at night since finishing the Kiehls one so I will continue to work on that.  I am close to finishing the BB Don't Blow It so I'd like to be done with that.  I added in the Marcelle BB cream because it is dark and I need to use it now while I still have color or it will sit until next summer without being used.

I have held off on adding any makeup items to my projects because I am doing Pan That Palette and seasonal challenges with makeup in them and will probably continue to do so through the end of the year.


*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased by me.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.

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