Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Beauty Empties - June

I had another good month of empties, although no makeup finished this month.  I am decluttering some items that I will show at the end from my makeup collection.  But first, let's talk about what I finished this month.

Skincare Empties:
Simple Ultra-Light gel moisturizer - I really like gel moisturizers for my oily skin.  They hydrate without being too thick.  When I went looking for info on this one, it looks like it might be discontinued.  However, I am using the Kiehls gel moisturizer right now and I really like it.
Marcelle Eye-Makeup Remover - I love this eye makeup remover.  It is gentle and doesn't sting my eyes but takes everything off.  I don't wear waterproof mascara so I can't speak to that but it has no problems taking off all my eye makeup.  I am already working on another bottle.
Exuviance Purifying Cleansing Gel - This was a free gift with an Ulta order awhile back.  It was a good gentle cleanser but I have tried others I like better that are much less expensive.  This one is over $30!

More Skincare and Bodycare Empties:
Marcelle 3 in 1 Micellar Solution - I used this as a makeup remover before I cleansed my face at night.  It removes makeup great and I can use it as an eye makeup remover also and it doesn't sting my eyes.  I would definitely purchase this one.
Gold Bond Healing with aloe - I kept this lotion on my desk at work and I liked it.  It tends to be a bit greasy for me to use during the day on my hands but I would purchase as a hand cream for night if I ever run out of the all the ones I have:)
Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream - I loved this sample from Birchbox.  I used this as a night cream because it is too heavy for my skin for daytime.  I have a lot of night creams to work through but this was a good one!
Kiehls Creme de Corps - If you like a thick lotion, this is for you.  I think this would be good for wintertime dry skin but I don't need this heavy of a body lotion during most of the year.

Haircare Empties:
Macadamia Healing Oil Spray - I love this stuff!  It makes a huge difference when I air dry my hair.  It keeps it from being frizzy and makes it more smooth.  I have another bottle I bought on Hautelook awhile back but this is discontinued so I am looking for something that can replace it.
Davines Love Shampoo - This shampoo is for coarse or frizzy hair.  I felt like it made my hair nice and smooth and I really liked how my hair felt when I used it.  I'm not sure I'd pay over $20 for it though.

Other Empties:
Shiseido facial cotton - I don't get the hype around these.  I heard Youtubers talk about them forever so I thought I'd try them out when I had the VIB sale coupon.  These get very flimsy as soon as you put a liquid product on them and don't hold up to putting toner on my face.  Definitely not worth the money.
Juliette Has a Gun Gentlewoman perfume - This was okay.  Not very memorable and not a purchase.
Nest Citrine perfume - I loved this scent from my Sephora Play box.  It is a great fruity, but not sweet, scent for summer.

Decluttered Products:
I recently did my six month inventory.  These were all products I had used, not liked, and held onto even though I wouldn't be using them again.  The Ulta eye shadow was not good quality.  The Tarte lip pencil was super hard and hurt my lips.  The rest were colors and products I just didn't like.

More Decluttered Products:
The Coola was not a fine mist.  I had blotches of sunscreen/spray on my face and it stung my eyes.
The Bare Minerals Bareskin foundation and Dr. Jart+ Liftra cream both broke me big breakouts, not little bumps.
The Smashbox gloss is old and is no longer applying well.  The Tarte Energy lip pencil was very drying.

June Update:
Used - 23 products (5 full size, 7 deluxe size, 11 sample size)
I used a total of $102.79 this month bringing my yearly total to $675.91.
I have used up 127 products so far this year.

I had $36 of my beauty budget going into June.  I purchased the Bare Minerals mystery box (which I already posted about here) for $40 and a Body Shop skincare kit for $29.  I am at -$33 going into next month since neither of those items were absolute necessities.

What have you finished up?  I post my sample sized products and foil samples on Instagram so be sure to follow me over there too (@lovetobebusyblog).


*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased by me.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.

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