Monday, April 4, 2016

Project Use It Up - March Update/April Goals

Happy April all!  I hope spring has found you because it certainly hasn't hit here yet.  We had flurries today and it is cold!  But it was 70 and sunny yesterday.  Crazy weather!  We did enjoy some time in Florida for spring break so that was nice but it means I have some blog posts to catch up on!

I'm going to recap my March goals for Project Use It Up and talk about April plans.  I apologize for the picture backgrounds.  I didn't even notice the scratches in the surface I used.  Whoops.

My goals:
I used a mask two times
I finished one perfume sample
I only finished one deluxe sample and one foil packet.
I didn't paint my nails at all because they have been very brittle and peeling so the polish just keeps chipping.  I know it is due to cold and dry weather and I'm hoping it improves as spring arrives.

I finished the Macadamia dry shampoo and you'll see that in my empties post.
I used two peel pads but then we went on vacation.

This is the one foil packet I used this month.  I liked this product okay.  I only got one use so not enough to know if it was good or bad for my skin.

These are the products I put in last month's use it up that I didn't finish.  I marked the Origins Night a Mins along the left side.  I used it but was very lazy the last 10 days on vacation and didn't use it often.  I hope to finish it this month.
The Mario Badescu serum just keeps holding on!  I have no idea how much is left but I'm trying to be sure to use it every night in the hopes it will one day be done!
License to Blot is not a product I have much use for so it is slow going.  I did mark where I am at on the cap this time so hopefully it will be gone this month.

My goals are essentially the same again this month.  I have quite a few products in seasonal project pans that I want to finish so I don't want to overlap by putting others in this project.  I have two face washes going that I am getting close to finishing and will be focusing on this month even though they aren't on my list.  I'll add them to the April Products one.

Hope you are making progress with your products as well!  I have a plan for May with some products to include in my Project Use It Up so watch out for that in a few weeks too!


*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased by me.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.


  1. hey girl i suffer from peeling nails too! My solution was to use a cuticle oil/butter/lotion and its helped significantly. I slather it on before bed and it keeps my nails moisturized all night!

    1. Do you have one you recommend? I've been using the Air Repair rescue balm lately and it is doing a nice job of moisturizing. I need to make sure I'm using lotion during the day too and not just at night.