Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Finish 6 by Summer Intro

Good evening all!  Since I have finished my Finish 14 by February 14th project, I thought I would do a different seasonal project.  I am doing Finish 5 by Cinco de Mayo (check it out here) but I don't think I picked very difficult products so I thought I would add in another seasonal challenge.  I am going to do Finish 6 by Summer.  I have seen Finish 6 and Finish 7 so I chose 7 products but hope to finish 6 of them.

I started using these products after finishing the other challenge, so around the 15th or so.  The project will end June 20th so after this point, I plan to update on the 20th of each month.

Products in the challenge are:
1.  12 Benefits - this is a spray in treatment to use before blow drying
2.  Malin and Goetz clarifying clay mask and Tarte clay mask - these two small mask samples are counting as one product

3.  Tarte energy lip crayon - I never even touched this in my Finish 14 by February 14th so I hope to use it in this project more frequently.
4.  Benefit porefessional deluxe sample
5.  Smashbox gloss in Limitless - I was able to finish my other Smashbox gloss in a few months with regular use so I hope to finish up this one also.
6.  Jouer eye definer in chocolat - This is a rollover from a project last year.  I hope to finish it in this project because it is drying out a lot.
7.  Jouer cream blush in petal - I hope to just hit pan on this blush

I am marking progress on the eye liner and the lip crayon so you will see those in my next update if there is progress.  The lip products and masks won't get used much until I finish some products in my Finish 5 by Cinco de Mayo but I still think I'll have time to finish them all.

I am not good at finishing products when I do seasonal challenges so I hope this one goes a bit better:)


*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased by me.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.

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