Tuesday, February 2, 2016

January Beauty Empties

The end of the month means my favorite post...Empties!  I love to read reviews and watch these videos on Youtube.  I will be keeping track of how much money I use up in empties again this year.  I am also keeping track of purchases and my $25 budget.  I'll update all of that at the end of the post.

Loreal Total Repair 5 conditioner - I have used a few of these samples and I really like this line of products. I don't need shampoo or conditioner anytime soon but I'd purchase this one.
Acure repairing conditioner - This was okay but I didn't notice anything great with my hair to want to purchase it.
Rusk anti-frizz spray - This was too sticky for me.  I'll pass.
Rusk mousse - I am not a fan of mousse I guess.  This gave my hair texture but it is already very thick and I don't need to add volume.  I ended up using this on wet hair when I knew I was going to air dry and put it in a ponytail the next day.

Acure cell stimulating facial mask - I really liked this mask.  My skin felt very soft after using it, however, I didn't really see a huge difference in how my skin looked.  It was a bit weird to take off since it foamed up as you rinsed it.  I'd consider purchasing the product after I finish some other masks though and see if I notice a difference with more uses.
Belif the true cream aqua bomb - This was a 100 point perk from Sephora that I picked up because I really liked the sample packet I tried.  I really love this moisturizer for my oily skin.  I have some other gel moisturizers to use up but I'd purchase this one again.
Ole Henriksen truth serum collagen booster - I love this stuff but it is pricey!  I am trying out some other serums that are similar right now to see if I find one I prefer that might be less expensive.  I'll go back to this one if I don't find anything I like as well.  This does last me about six months with using it in the mornings so it is probably worth the price.

More skincare:
Sephora triple action cleansing water - This is my holy grail cleansing water.  I use it every night to take off my makeup and it does a great job and doesn't sting my eyes.  I use this as my first step and then I use a cleanser.  I will repurchase.
Clinique take the day off makeup remover - I hated this.  I'm glad I just bought the travel size.  It left a residue and I didn't feel like it removed eye makeup as well as others I have tried.
Ole Henriksen the clean truth cleansing clothes brightening - I didn't like these either.  They weren't saturated enough to remove makeup and had a weird smell.

Sephora soft touch cotton pads - These are my absolute favorite.  I'll add them to an online order or buy a bunch when I have a coupon code.  I keep them in a jar in my bathroom that I refill so I don't always go through all of them each month, it just means I have refilled my jar.
Soap and Paper Factory hand cream in green tea - I really liked this hand cream.  It moisturized and had a nice smell.  I don't need to buy hand cream for a long time though:)
Chapstick - I have a bunch of these sitting around still that I am trying to finish up.  They are fine but not super moisturizing.  I'll look for a better replacement when they are gone.
Elizabeth and James Nirvana White perfume - I don't understand the hype around this fragrance.  It was okay but definitely not something I need to purchase.

Rimmel Stay Matte powder - I really liked this powder.  I just had a bit around the edges when it got knocked off the counter and shattered on the floor.  I was able to use up most of the product though before it happened.  I am trying to use up a few other powders before I consider repurchasing this one.
Tarte multipleye prime - This came in a Tarte holiday calendar of minis and I'm pretty sure this exact product is discontinued now.  They have another primer I might try although I don't feel like I need one with most mascaras to get a nice everyday look.
Laura Gellar glamlash dramatic volumizing mascara - This didn't do much for my lashes on its own.  However, when I used it with the Tarte primer, it was fantastic and my lashes looked long and thick.  I'm not sure I want to spend the money on two products to get the effect I want when I can get it with one mascara I really like.
Bare Minerals blemish ready mattifying prep gel - This was a good primer.  It wasn't a silicone primer but more like a lotion, which I prefer.  I did not get really oily when I used this and I think it did a good job of mattifying most spots on my face.  I'd recommend it but I don't need a primer anytime soon.

January Update:
Used:  4 full size, 12 deluxe sized, and 3 samples for a total of 19 empties (I do not include foil packets in these posts and items like my cotton rounds do not count in these totals either.  I inventory only beauty, skincare, and body items I tend to hoard.)
Total of $137.54

I took in 21 products plus 6 nail polishes.
I spent $15 of my $25 budget this month on 4 Zoya nail polishes.  Although I don't have a ton of nail polishes, these weren't a necessity so I am taking them out of the budget.  I will have $10 roll over to next month.

What did you use up that you loved or hated?

*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased by me.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.

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