Friday, August 21, 2015

#samplesept Project Intro!

My current Project 20 Pan ends September 1st.  I will post about that progress soon but I wanted to introduce my September project in case you want to join in!

I am starting #samplesept (Sample September) on Instagram.  I am inviting all who want to join me!  The plan is to use as many of my samples as I can during the month of September.  The focus for the month will be on all the foil packets I have laying around that I rarely pull out to use.  I will be updating my progress with empties on Instagram.  I will probably also do a wrap up post here on the blog at the end of the month.  I would love to have you join in!

I thought I would organize all my samples and get some totals to start the month.  I throw all my sample packets into a basket under my sink.  It is a big mess and I never look through it to find anything to use.

I sorted all of my samples by category (face, shampoo, conditioner, other hair stuff, body care, and makeup).  I totaled each category and put all the samples into a plastic baggie.

Finally, I put all the baggies back into the basket together.  They stand up nicely now and I can pull from each category as I use up the previous sample.

Because I am a bit crazy about lists and organizing, I have created a notebook for this project.  It has my starting totals for each category.  I also listed the samples I have for each category.  That way, I can cross them off as I go through the month and keep track of how many I use up.

I am undecided about including perfume samples in this only because I have a few perfumes I am trying to use up in 12 Empties of Christmas.  I think I will have enough time to finish them in October, November, and December so I'm leaning towards trying to use up perfume samples too.  I'd also like a new perfume for Christmas so I want to find a scent I really like before then.

My totals to start September 1st:
Face - 19
Shampoo - 6
Conditioner - 6
Hair Stuff (mostly masks) - 7
Body Care - 5
Makeup - 7
Total:  50
Perfume:  16
Total of All:  66

Let me know if you will join in and if you will be posting anywhere on social media so I can follow along with your progress!



  1. such a smart idea to divide them into baggies! I'm excited to put away some of my full time things and break out the samples! Hoping to make a dent in my collection :) ♥pdpatel0503

    1. Can't believe this project is almost over already! Thanks for supporting my project and the blog!

  2. Great idea!!! Good luck, can't wait to see how many you get through!