Sunday, August 30, 2015

Project 20 Pan Finale/Finish 9 by New Years Intro

This is my final post of my Project 20 Pan.  I started the Project 20 Pan on May 1st with the goal of using up 20 products.  I didn't quite make my goal but I did make good progress on many of my products and finished some up as well.  I am posting this a few days early since I have some time this weekend.

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I did not finish any products at the June Update #1.  At the July Update #2 I had finished 3 products.

At the August Update #3 I finished 5 more products for a total of 8.

As of this finale, I have finished 4 more products for a total of 12.  I am counting 2 additional products as empties (I'll explain further down).  This makes my total 14.

During August I finished the Michael Todd Pumpkin Mask, Bath and Body Works body mist in Oahu Sunset, Bee Kind body lotion, and Sugar lip balm in honey.

What I have left:

The mark on the Garnier BB cream is not accurate.  That was my guess on a starting point but I can't see through it.  I mixed this with another foundation to get a better color and I'll be using those this fall now that my tan is fading.
I use the hand lotion every night and have made consistent progress.  The same goes for the Vasanti scrub.  I use it a few times a week in the shower and continue to make progress.

I am continuing to work on all these products as well.  I am considering the Sugar balm in petal one of my empties because it goes very quickly and will be done by Tuesday when my actual end date of September 1st is.  I repressed the blush this weekend so I no longer have pan showing but I have very little product in it and I'm hoping it will be gone soon!  I took the sifter out of the Elf powder because it was getting hard to get any product to come out.

This is what is left of my deluxe lotions.  I started with 8 so I made good progress.  I am almost done with the Ulta lotion.  I am considering the Bliss Body Butter another one of my empties because it has about one use left in it so that will be gone by tonight.  I will use the Palmer's up after I finish the Ulta lotion.

Here is my progress marks for the lip products and eye liners.  I used up the Sugar Honey.  The rest you can see I made progress on except for the Jouer eyeliner since I never used it and was focusing on the Stila one first.

With the exception of the deluxe sized lotions which will be done soon, I have 9 products left from this project.  I am going to roll those 9 products into Finish 9 by New Years which was started by MrsHunt2013 on Youtube/Instagram.

Finish 9 by New Years Products:
1.  Garnier BB Cream
2.  NYX blush in Dusty Rose
3.  ELF HD undereye setting powder
4.  Jouer eyeliner in chocolat
5.  Stila eyeliner in amethyst
6.  Lanolin hand cream
7.  Stila lip balm in Gabrielle
8.  Clarins eye concentrate
9.  Vasanti scrub

I'm feeling pretty confident about finishing these 9 by the end of the year.  I will use the above pictures as my starting point for the project and will update around the 1st of the month as I did with my project pan.  Thanks for following along with my progress!

*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased with my own money.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.


  1. Great job Heather!! Do you think these project pans are better/worse than the seasonal challenges? I feel like I just picked my standards for my #12emptiesofchristmas challenge so I'm not actually moving things out of my collection as much :/ ♥pdpatel0503

    1. I think it depends on the seasonal challenge. Sometimes I like only having to concentrate on just a few products like 4 by fourth of July. Then I'm free to switch up the other things while I concentrate on those 4. I like a longer time period for a project because I don't use things up quickly and with a project pan I can set the length.