Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Beauty Blogger Book Club

I know this post is a bit early but we are heading out of town before I can post on the first of the month.

For July, Lisa of Uncommon Wife Life chose Paper Towns by John Green.  I usually try to get the books from the library and that was not going to happen because this book is very popular right now. I'm guessing it is due to the fact that it will be a movie soon.

Quentin has always loved Margo from afar.  One night she enlists him to participate in her revenge plot and then the next morning she has disappeared.  Quentin starts finding clues that he believes she left for him as to her whereabouts and goes on an adventure to find her.

I have not read any books by John Green because the young adult genre is not usually my first choice of books.  That being said, I was curious due to the popularity of his books and the movies.  This book was hard for me to get into as Quentin discovered a variety of clues with no end in sight.  However, about halfway through I became more engrossed and interested in if he would ever find Margo and where she might have gone.  I think Quentin coming to terms with his version of the Margo he loves and the real Margo was very interesting, but also the way this adventure changed the relationships with his other friends along the way.

For the month of August, Lisa P of Blush and Back Roads chose The Orphan Train by Christina Baker Klein.  This is another book I have heard a lot about so I am looking forward to reading this one.

Check out what the other members thought of this month's book:
Ashley:  If You Give a Girl a Ring
Lisa:  Uncommon Wife Life
Lisa P:  Blush and Back Roads
Stephanie:  The Wonky Brow

Any recommendations for the book club or for me?



  1. I just finished reading The Book Thief...FANTASTIC! ♥pdpatel0503

    1. I'm so glad you liked it. Definitely different from what I normally read but a really good book!

  2. Fun! I want to be in a book club.

    1. Anyone is welcome to read along with us and comment your thoughts on the book! Would love to have you!