Sunday, July 26, 2015

12 Empties of Christmas Update #3

I am changing up my updates a little bit.  Since the 12 Empties of Christmas project will end on December 25th, I am switching my updates to around the 25th of each month.  This will be my 3rd update on this project.  I started the project on May 2nd.  My first update was around June 1st and my second update was around July 1st.  I have a Project 20 Pan running until September 1st so I haven't started with some of these products since I am using similar products in my project pan.

Here is where I am at with progress.  I haven't worried too much about progress because I feel like December is still so far off.  I'm sure that thinking will come back to bite me in a few months.

The two face washes were full when I started the project.  You can see I am about halfway finished with both of them.  I keep one by my sink and one in my shower.  The astringent was a little more than halfway full when I started.  You can see the line towards the bottom on the right side and I hope to finish this one soon.  My original product included two more of these astringents, however, I am taking them out of the project.  I am no longer a fan of this face wash for my skin and would rather give them away than continue to use them.

These are the other products from the project that I'm seeing progress with.  I have repressed the shades stubborn (pink) and snobby (yellow) and have already hit pan since repressing them.  I have been focusing on a look using Seductive, Stubborn, Snobby, and Sassy so those are the shades with pan at this point.  They will be finished shortly and I will move on to other shades.  I also use Sexy to line my lower lash line.

I added in the Marcelle moisturizer (and another one) after I took the Olay Regenerist cream out at update #2.  The Olay gave me a horrible reaction.  The Marcelle was full when I started and I'm about halfway finished.  It is a deluxe size sample, not full sized.  The Snow perfume I am continuing to make progress on. I am about halfway finished with this and haven't been using it most days since I am trying to finish a body spray in my project pan.

The products above are ones I am using every day but there isn't a good way to mark progress on them or I can't see through them.  I use the Kerstin Florian peel pads once a week, usually a weekend morning when I probably won't be wearing much makeup so my skin can breathe.  I use the Mario Badescu Serum and Loreal Revitalift every night before bed.  I use the lip balm throughout the day and the bronzer every time I do my makeup.  I'm sure I will finish the Loreal.  I'm pretty sure I'll finish the serum and lip balm.  The peel pads and bronzer are a maybe because there is just a lot of product in them.

These are the products I haven't used yet.  They are all completely full except for the foundation which I have used a bit of.  The foundation is too dark for me so I have mixed it with another product and put them into a pump bottle to try and use them up.  I am guessing these will all be finished by December, I am just trying to use one of a category (moisturizer, perfume, etc) before I open the next one in the project.

Even though I have taken out the two other astringents, I still have a total of 17 products in this project.  I put in the Marcelle moisturizer and Olay tone perfecting moisturizer when I took out the Olay Regenerist Cream.  I think I will be able to finish 12 of the 17 (fingers crossed).  I am hoping my update next month might have a few empty products and some completed shadows from my palette.  I will be updating around August 25th to stay on track for the end of December.

Let me know if you are participating in this project!  I would love to check it out (either blog, Instagram, or Youtube).


*All products shown were purchased with my own money.  I was not compensated for this post.


  1. Love that eye shadow palette! I need to start using more of the colors snobby and stubborn. I am heading to Ulta tomorrow and I am going to check out that Mario Badescu serum. Great post Heather!

    1. I really like the shades in the palette and am enjoying using it. I'll be excited to move on to some other shades. Let me know what you think of the serum!