Monday, May 4, 2015

Project 20 Pan Intro

One of my insta-besties on Instagram (aworldoffab) is starting a Project 20 Pan and so I am going to start one as well so we can work through the products together over the next couple of months.  It is nice to have support when you work through a project.  I am considering this project as started on May 1st and it will go until September 1st (that is my plan right now anyways).  I have included 28 products and hope to finish at least 20 of them.  My plan is also to keep track of how long it actually takes me to use up a product so I have a better idea when I buy something how long it will last.

1.  I am counting these lotions as one item of my 20 (however they are included individually in the total of 28 - hope that makes sense).  The Soap and Glory and Bliss ones are already about half gone.  The others haven't been used at all.  I'm guessing it takes me about 2 weeks to go through a deluxe sized lotion?  We will see.

The face products I am including are: (the Vasanti has a line on the right side.  The two eye creams and glam glow are brand new.  I can't see through the others for a starting line)
2.  Vasanti Brighten Up face scrub
3.  Garnier BB cream
4.  Michael Todd Pumpkin Mask
5.  Glam Glow mask
6.  Balance Me eye cream
7.  Clarins eye serum

Body Products:
8.  Triple Lanolin lotion (about half full)
9.  Body spray in Cashmere Glow (unused)
10.  Body spray in Twilight Woods (unused)
11.  Body spray in Oahu (unused)

Makeup products:  I didn't really mark any of them:(
12.  NYX blush in dusty rose
13.  Elf high definition under eye setting powder
14.  Stila Balm in Gabrielle
15.  Mac Viva Glam
16.  Urban Decay lip gloss
17.  Sugar Petal lip balm
18.  Sugar Honey lip blam
19.  Stila eye liner in amethyst
20.  Jouer eye liner in chocolat

Those are my 20 products.  I hope to see some progress by September 1st and even some of the products used up!  I will update at the beginning of each month.  I will try to mark some progress in the future, especially on the face and body products that are easier to mark.


*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased with my own money.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.


  1. Good luck! 20 is a lot, but I'm sure you'll make it!!! xoxoxo

  2. Great picks! I see we both have the Vasanti and the Michael Todd Pumpkin Mask in our challenges!

    1. Such good products, I don't want them to go bad before I can use them up!