Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May Birchbox

Happy Wednesday all!  I can't believe it is almost June!  This end of the school year is really taking its toll on my free time.  We recently spent 5 days in Annapolis, Baltimore, and DC so now I am playing laundry catch up.  Does anyone else feel like there is never a day where all the laundry in the house is clean?  A dirty towel or something always seems to show up.

On to why we are here...May Birchbox.  This came two days before we left on our trip so I didn't have time to use the products much or post.  I've been using some of the products in the few days before and after so I thought I would get my review up!

Tocca eau de parfum in Isabel - I haven't worn this much but I do really like the scent. It is a spicy, deeper scent and will be perfect for fall.  I think I have liked every perfume I have tried from Tocca over the past few years.  The full size is $68 which isn't too bad and I might consider a full size of this.  I don't currently have any full size perfumes but plan to buy some in the fall/winter once I use up samples.

Prescriptives Super Line Preventor XTreme - I think this product is similar to a serum and it goes on before moisturizer.  I've tried it a few times at night and I like the consistency and how it feels on my skin.  I prefer it to the Mario Badescu that I have been using (the Mario Badescu feels too much like an oil which I don't like).  The price tag on this is $84 so I am going to pay careful attention to how long the sample lasts me and compare it to the size of the full size to see if it is worth it.

Marcelle Hydra-C 24H Energizing Hydrating Gel - This is a moisturizer and I am a big fan!  I don't need too heavy of a moisturizer because my face tends to get oily easily and a lot of moisturizers cause me to break out because they are too heavy.  This is light weight and sinks in quickly and easily.  I had planned to buy the DDF moisturizing dew that I loved from Birchbox but at half the price ($24), this might be purchased instead.

Harvey Prince Sea Salt Texturizing Mist - I haven't tried this product yet.  I plan to give it a try in the summer months when I let my hair air dry.  Look for a review in a future empties post or I'll throw it into a Birchbox review in the future if I love it.

Pix Beauty Fairy Dust - This is an eye shadow and I'm a little unsure about using it.  I think I might try it over my color tattoo by patting it on so that it doesn't make a huge mess.  With my ability levels, it isn't likely but I'll be trying it out in the future.

Continuing to love my Birchboxes for the most part!  I'm a big fan of trying new skincare (as opposed to makeup) so I love all the skincare samples they send each month.

What have you tried lately?


*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased with my own money.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.


  1. I'm loving that moisturizer gel also and I may cash in some points on the full size! Great post as always! :)