Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Beauty Empties

May was a busy month for us with lots of night meetings and activities and weekend plans.  Really cuts into my blogging time.  But, things are slowing down and we are nearing the end of the school year so I am catching up on some posts.  I really do love blogging so it makes me sad when I can't find time to fit it in.

This is going to be my May empties.  I'll give some mini reviews of the products and recap at the end of the post with my totals as I usually do.

Full size empties:
1.  Mary Kay Timewise cleanser for combination to oily skin - This is one of the last few products I have from when I used to sell and use Mary Kay exclusively.  I like this cleanser.  It is gentle and does a nice job of cleansing and removing makeup.  I won't repurchase because I have other cleansers I want to try.
2.  Ulta 3 in 1 smoothie in mango tango - I use these for a shave gel (not as a shower gel).  I like them better than a shaving cream because they don't get as much build up in my razor and rinse off nicely.  I have 2 more to use because I buy them when they are buy 2 get 1 free or when Ulta has a deal.
3.  Suave Advanced Therapy lotion - This was 32 oz. and I will never buy a lotion this large again.  I used it for 6 months during last winter.  Then I had to take a break from it.  I started using it again this past December and finally finished it this month.  I save it for the winter because it does a great job of moisturizing my very dry winter skin.  I won't repurchase any time soon because I still have a ton of lotions to use up.

Deluxe size shower empties:
1.  Beaver Hydro Shampoo - I got this in a Birchbox and it was okay.  I think it made my hair too greasy.  If I use the right shampoo for my hair, I can go a few days between washes.  This made my hair too oily on my scalp to do that so I won't purchase a full size.
2.  Beaver Hydro conditioner - Again, from Birchbox.  It was just okay.  It didn't wow me enough to buy a full size.
3.  12 Benefits Love at First Lather Moisture Balancing Mousse Shampoo - I received this as a free gift when I bought the 12 benefits leave in spray at the beauty show.  You pumped 10-12 pumps into your hand and it was like a mousse (hence the name).  Similar to the Beaver shampoo, this made my hair too greasy and apparently did more moisturizing than I needed.  I will not purchase the full size.
4.  Olay Body Wash in cooling white strawberry and mint - This came as a free sample from either a Walmart box or PinchMe or something similar...not sure.  I do love the scent and it is the gel type body wash that I like (not creamy like a lotion).  I have a bunch of big body washes to use up but then I'd consider purchasing this one.  I am using another small sample now.
5.  Caress Adore Forever Body Wash - Again, this came from a Walmart box I think.  I was not a huge fan of the scent of this.  It was a big too strong and heavy for what I prefer in a body wash.  It was the consistency I prefer though.

More deluxe size empties:
1.  Ulta premium cotton pads - I did not like these and won't repurchase.  They were too thick and absorbed my eye makeup remover or toner before I ever got it on my face.
2.  Sephora cotton rounds - These are my favorite brand at the moment.  I bought a bunch recently when there was a code for Beauty Insiders.  I'd like to try the ones from the Body Shop.  I don't know that I would buy these at full price because you don't get very many for the price.  But I will continue to repurchase these when I can get them on sale.
3.  Yarok Feed Your Ends - This is a leave in conditioner and heat protectant that came in a limited edition Birchbox I got back at the beginning of the year.  I liked this product but it isn't as good as the 12 Benefits one that I love so I won't purchase at this time.  However, I do like that it is a cruelty free product.
4.  Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Primer - This came in an Ulta free gift with purchase but it isn't something I would purchase.  I much prefer other leave in sprays.
5.  Michael Todd Citrus Cream Moisturizer - I bought this as part of a set off Groupon last year.  This moisturizer was much too thick for me, even as a night cream.  It was breaking me out so I finished it up by using it on my upper body as a lotion.  I won't purchase this although there are Michael Todd products I really like.

Other empties:
1.  Smashbox primer - I will use this primer when I have samples but it isn't one I will buy.  I'm not a huge fan of the silicone primers.  I just don't like how thick they feel on my skin.  That being said, I do love the blemish controlling primer from Smashbox (its green).
2.  Origins Super Spot Remover - This is a spot treatment for blemishes.  It doesn't work as quickly as some other products I've tried for this purpose but those dry out my skin where this one doesn't.  I am switched to use tea tree oil to keep my skin clear and it seems to be working.  I also have a Mario Badescu spot treatment I bought to try and it seems to work faster than the Origins one.  I do like this one though and would recommend it.
3.  Chapstick hydration lock - This came as a Birchbox sample at some point and I kept it in my purse.  Its okay.  I'm not a huge fan of the night end, it has a weird taste/smell.  I won't purchase because there is no point if I'm only going to use one end.
4.  Physicians Formula Concealer Twins - I bought this last year in my ongoing quest for the perfect undereye concealer.  However, this really burned my eyes so I couldn't use it for dark circles.  I ended up using the flesh toned end for spots on my face.  I did take the stopper out but once it got too hard to dig out, I tossed it.  It wasn't worth it for me to put so much effort into using a product I didn't like.
5.  Gucci Guilty perfume sample - I am horrible at describing scents but I did like this one.  Wasn't too floral or sweet smelling.  I am trying to decide between this one and one other for my Sephora rollerball coupon.
6.  Marc Jacobs Dot - This is the other one I'm considering for the Sephora rollerball coupon.  Again, not too sweet or floral.
7.  Chella eye pencil in ivory lace - I received this product in a Birchbox awhile ago and it was a full size.  I used it to highlight under my brow bone or for an inner corner highlight.  Sometimes I used it as an eye shadow base as well.  I love this product and will repurchase once I use up some other products I have.

May Totals:
I started with 303 products
I added 27 products (subscriptions, free samples, Tarte and Birchbox orders)
I used 23 products this month (7 full size, 11 deluxe size, 5 foil packets)
This brings me to 307 as my product total.  However, I completed my inventory yesterday and according to my inventory I have 323 products so I will use that as my product total to start June instead of the 307 (sometimes I miss products I add, especially if its a foil packet or magazine sample).

I have a total of 105 empties for 2015.
I've trashed $141.01 due to expired products, an eye infection, etc.
I've used up $696.85 in products.  I try to put the amount of the product or size used (sometimes it doesn't happen with foil packets or perfume samples that don't list their size).

I am at -72.43 for my beauty budget because of big purchases this month ($1 for each empty so I have spent 72.43 more than I have emptied).  I have fallen off the no buy wagon for sure lately.  My goal is to get back on track in June and bring my negative balance closer back to 0 or even into the positive over the next few months.  No unnecessary purchases!

Thank you for stopping by!

*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased with my own money.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.


  1. whoooo go go go!! You're doing so good finishing stuff up :) ♥pdpatel0503 from instagram

    1. Thank you! I'm trying! You're doing a great job too!

  2. Great job!!! Almost $700 in products is crazy-amazing!!!

    1. It makes me feel better that I'm using that amount up instead of letting them go to waste! But then I think about how much money that means I've spent. Yikes!

  3. Great post Heather! I just recently started keeping track of the values of empties and it really is eye-opening!

    1. I agree! I probably spend way too much on beauty products.