Sunday, May 17, 2015

Just One Tag!

I was tagged by one of my girls on Instagram to do the Just One Tag.  Go check out Stephanie's post here.  The idea is that you pick just one product from each category.  This was tough!  As you can tell from the picture above, I have trouble picking just one:)

Here goes...

Lipstick - Tarte Plummy Rose - I love the formula of these lipsticks.  This is my favorite shade and it is what they describe as a "your lips but better" shade for me.

Lipgloss - Revlon Super Lustrous in Super Natural - I bought this because I saw a Youtuber talk about what a great natural shade it was (sorry, don't remember who at this point).  It is a great nude shade that I can swipe on without a mirror and goes with any look.

Blush - Maybelline Master Hi-Light in Pink Rose - These are great blushes because they have a bit of a sheen with a built in highlight.  It is my pick for when I need to pack a travel bag because it can serve as a blush and highlighter.  Once I use up some blushes, I would like to try other colors of this line.

Eyeshadow Single - Mac in Satin Taupe - This is the only Mac shade I own and I love it.  It is my go to for lining along my lower lash line.  I also like that I can sweep it over my lid and it looks great alone.

Eyeshadow Palette - Stila In the Light - This might have been my hardest one to choose.  I have Tarte, Urban Decay, and Coastal Scents palettes that I absolutely love.  I choose the Stila palette because I love every shade in the palette.  There isn't one shade that I shy away from using or have trouble finding an eye look for.  I use shadow smudged along my lower lash line instead of liner and these shades are great for that too so I don't need a separate product.

Mascara - Mally Volumizing Mascara - My easiest pick!  I absolutely love this mascara and have purchased multiple tubes since discovering it last June.  I do use up samples when they come but I will spend the $20 on this mascara over any drugstore mascara or high end mascara I've found.

Foundation - Neutrogena Healthy Skin - If I had to pick one, this is the one I would pick from those I've tried or owned over the past few years.  However, I wouldn't say it is the foundation I would pick over all others. I'm still searching for my favorite foundation and plan to get some samples from Sephora soon to try out some new ones.

Facial Cleanser - Neutrogena Acne Wash - I have purchased this over and over throughout the years.  When I am using it, I only use it once a day at night.  I find that it keeps breakouts at bay.  However, I have recently decided to try a new tactic with my skin.  Recently, I've been wondering if my skin breaks out because I strip it too much.  So, I have a plan to try some more gentle cleansers and see what happens.  Hopefully my skin doesn't hate me.

Powder/Bronzer - Rimmel Stay Matte - I bought this product to try after hearing and seeing lots of people talk about it.  I like it for the light and bendable coverage it gives me.  Again, I'm not sure it is my forever favorite powder but it is my favorite of the ones I've tried so far.  

Nail Polish - Color Club in Grey - I bought this off the Birchbox website because I love the formula of these polishes.  The bottle doesn't have a name but it is a grey shade that I absolutely love.

There you have it!  What one product would you choose?

I tag Kelly (a_chic_geek) and Jami (countrygirlinstilettos) if they care to share their picks!



  1. Love your picks! I've never trooped to line my eyes with Satin Taupe, i should try that out! Yasss, gentle cleansers all the way. ♡♡♡

    1. Thanks for stopping by Christy! I am rethinking my skincare regime as soon as I use up a few things.

  2. I have Cover Girl's Tapestry Taupe, which is said to be a dupe for Satin Taupe. I will have to pull it back out and try it on my lower lashline! I haven't used it in a while and I honestly forgot about it!

    1. I will have to look for that shade! I didn't know they were dupes.

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  4. Great picks!!! I love the Maybelline Master Hi-light Blushes!!! They are my absolute fav drugstore blush. I have 4 of them... I think. Maybe more. lol. I find almost all Neutrogena cleansers too harsh for my skin. What are you gonna try next???

    1. I don't really know? I love the First Aid Beauty one but I would like to try a simple, gentle cleanser that doesn't cost a ton.