Saturday, April 25, 2015

April Project Pan Updates

Happy weekend everyone!  This is a few days late because life has been busy and our internet has been spotty.  But I wanted to get in my update on the various projects I have going for Project Use It Up 2015.

We will start with my rolling project pan.  Here is my list of products I am trying to work through.  I keep this list taped to the inside of my medicine cabinet as a reminder.  It isn't that I don't like these products, but I have had them for awhile and am getting tired of using them.  So, I want to finish them up rather than putting them to the side and having them sit around for even longer.

At my March update, I had finished #17, the hair mask.  For this update, I have also finished #8 which is the Tarte Maracuja Oil.  This was not a full size but more of  deluxe size that I got in a kit from Ulta with a blush and lip pencil.  I am really close on a few items like the Suave lotion, eye cream, and concealer so I will have quite a few products crossed off at my May update.  I can't wait!

I am not going to show you progress on every one of the items because that would make for an even longer blog post than you normally get from me:)  However, I wanted to show my NYX blush because I have been working on it forever and may be finally getting to the end.  It is hard to tell from this angle because you see pan, but I am marking the lid with progress.  The very tiny empty circle in the middle of the lid was my progress when I start in February.  The large filled in circle is where I am now.  And the middle is very, very thin.  So maybe by the end of summer this one will be gone?!

I am also panning the NudeTude palette from TheBalm.  The picture on the left was my March update.  The picture on the right is my April update.  I have a lot more pan on the three shades from March and have also hit pan on an additional shade.  These are the four shades I am using in my daily look.  I also smudge sexy along my lower lash line but the dip isn't too noticeable in pictures yet.

Finally is my update for Finish 4 by July 4th or Pan4X4 on Instagram.  I did mark foundation progress.  The first mark is up at the top by the word gorgeous and it was from the end of March.  My most current mark is close to the middle of the tube.  I'm not entirely sure my first mark was accurate because I didn't use that much of this foundation in three weeks.  But I am not able to see empty tube so I now I am making progress even my markings aren't entirely accurate.

I didn't touch the bare minerals cream shadow yet so no progress there.  I use the concealer every day but marking progress is impossible.  I just know that with daily use, I am using it up.  The bottom line on the left is where my color tattoo is at now, compared to the top line last month.  Again, progress and I am going to be so excited to have this finished!

That is where I am at now!  I will get my Birchbox review up soon and it is almost time for April empties too!

I recently guest posted about some splurge and save items over at Pray Love Blog for Tricia so go check that out here.

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Have a great weekend!

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