Monday, April 27, 2015

April Birchbox

The Birchbox this month was so pretty!  This is also the first time I have ever taken advantage of Birchbox plus.  Birchbox offers products each month you can add on for an additional charge.  The products vary from jewelry to home goods to lifestyle products.  This month, one of the choices was a tumbler and notebooks from Rifle Paper Co. who also designed the box.  They were so pretty and I always drink my water out of tumbler, even at home (I find it helps me drink more water).

The tumbler and notebooks are the products outside the box.  Aren't they pretty?  The box was a gorgeous design this month too, similar to the tumbler.

The products: (I tried all but the shave cream but I'll explain why)

1.  Beaver Professional Hydro Nutritive Moisturizing Shampoo - I enjoy trying new shampoo and conditioners because I haven't found one yet that I absolutely love and think is perfect for my hair. I do like this but I think it might be a bit heavy for my hair.  Not an absolute love to repurchase.
2.  Beaver Professional Hydro Nutritive Repairing Conditioner - I did like this one as well but, again, not a need to repurchase.
3.  Jouer Tint - This is a cream product for lips and cheeks.  I received a nice peachy pink color, exactly what I would wear.  I used this product as a cream blush under my powder blush and I really like it.  I'm looking forward to wearing it alone during the summer when I want a touch of color.  I was very excited to try this out because I have seen Youtube videos where people love it.  All of the Jouer products I have tried have been great and this is no different. I would consider purchasing when I use up some of my cream products.
4.  Wei Manuka Bee Venom Mask - No!  This does says to avoid if you have bee allergies.  While I do not have bee allergies, I did seem to have some sort of irritation after using this product.  My cheeks were red and felt warm and inflamed to the touch.  I found this mask very hard to wash off and I ended up wiping it off with a cloth then rinsing because I couldn't get it all off with the water (super weird).  Also, this is one use in a pod and you get 8 pods for $60!  I have found much better masks for way cheaper!
5.  Whish Save Crave Shaving Cream - This is the only product I didn't try because I have used it before, just in a different scent.  I will use this when my current shave cream runs out soon so I set it to the side for now.  I get about 2 uses out of this tube which is kind of a bummer.  This is not a product I feel the need to purchase as there are so many cheaper drugstore alternatives (this is $20).  I also feel like I need to use a lot of the product to shave which makes me feel like it is a waste.

I have been very pleased with my boxes lately.  While the products aren't always a purchase for me, not too many have been horrible and I've definitely been able to get use out of them.  I have been using the clarifying shampoo from last month so I'll review that when it shows up in an empties.

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  1. I kind of wish I got the tumbler instead of the tote! It's so cute! But I do love the tote. :) I also don't get the hype of the Whish Shave Cream - just doesn't lather enough for me. :(

    1. The tote is cute too! Great for summer! The shave cream is just so blah...Loving your new blog!

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  3. That tumbler is adorable!!! I'm always drinking out of tumblers and water bottles. I just find them convenient... And I can be clumsy, so a top is always a plus. ;-) You are the second person I've seen say that bee mask is not a good thing. I don't have an allergy to bees... Unless you count the one in my head... But I'll stay away regardless. Plus that price tag is ri.dic.u.lous. xoxoxo StephieeBee (@the_wonky_brow)

    1. It is $7 or something like that for one pod. Just crazy! Good point on the lid...I spill a lot too. Thanks for reading!