Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April Beauty Empties

I am so happy that spring temperatures finally seem to be arriving and actually staying around!  Looking forward to reading on the patio and playing outside with the mini.  With it being close to the end of April, I have some empties for you.  I will recap my totals at the end of the post as I continue my journey this year to use up my stash.

Hair Products:
Tresemme Breakage Defense Shampoo - I really shouldn't buy this huge size because I get so sick of it!  This was okay.  I don't think it really prevented damage like it claims although it didn't do anything to hurt my hair.  I won't repurchase.
Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Keratin Cream Rinse - This was a sample from somewhere...don't remember but I have another one too that I'm currently using.  It was nice and made my hair soft.  When I looked up the price, I did find that they sell it on and I might consider purchasing after I use up some other hair masks and similar products I have around.
Loreal Total Repair 5 Restoring Shampoo and Conditioner - These came in a Walmart box and I do like them.  I have another set of samples to use up but I would consider buying this to try it out for a longer period of time.

Body and Face Products:
Ahava Mineral Hand Cream - This came in an Ulta sample bag and I love the scent.  I also like the formula and will definitely consider buying this once I finish hand creams I currently have.  I kept this by my bed and put it on before bed.
Caress Body Wash in Adore Forever - This scent was a bit heavy for what I like in a body wash.  More of a cologne type scent where I prefer fruity or fresh scents in the shower to wake me up.  This came in a Walmart box and I have another sample to use up.  I won't buy this because it isn't my favorite scent.
Bath and Body Works shower gel in Pearberry - This was okay.  It was a shower gel which I prefer to the type that are more like a lotion (I feel like they leave a film).  I don't purchase BBW products but will use them when I receive them as gifts.  So, I won't purchase this one for myself.
MyChelle Refining Sugar Cleanser - I loved this stuff!  It was a very light exfoliator and turned almost to a cream cleanser as you massaged it into the skin.  My only concern is that the jar started to dry out as I had it open but hadn't finished using it yet.  I would definitely consider purchasing this depending on how the full size is packaged.  I got this from Birchbox.
Tarte Maracuja Oil - I bought this in a set from Ulta to try and have since learned that I'm not a huge fan of face oils.  I mixed this in which a lighter weight moisturizer during the winter to give me more moisture and to use it up.  I would not repurchase this.
Air Repair Hydrating Eye Cream - I love this eye cream for night time.  I even cut it open and dug out the extra which means I really liked it:)  For me, it is too thick for day but it did a fantastic job of keeping my undereyes hydrated during the cold winter months.  I am wanting to try some anti-aging eye creams or I would definitely repurchase this!
Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Cleanser - This was another Birchbox sample and I have used Juice Beauty products in the past and liked them.  I might consider buying a full size of this, I'm just not completely sold that it kept my skin clear.  

Other Empties:
Sexy Mama Translucent powder (TheBalm) - This was a Hautelook purchase and it is just okay.  I think it oxidized on me some.  I don't think it is worth the price and won't repurchase.
Juice Couture perfume - I got a set of samples from Sephora for my birthday where you get a coupon for a rollerball of one of the scents for free.  I really like this one and it is one of the two I'm considering using my coupon for.  It is a big more floral and sweet than I usually like but I was a fan.
Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion - I have been using this forever!  I cut it open and got a few more months out of it (drove me crazy!).  However, the longer it was in a little tub, the drier it got.  Maybe from being exposed to more air than in the tube?  I won't repurchase this because I have about four more eye primers to use up.  Talk to me in a few years!
Mally Volumizing Mascara - This is my holy grail mascara!  This is the second tub I've owned and I will repurchase unless I find something better (which will be hard to do).  I replace mascara pretty religiously every three months even if it isn't empty because I have sensitive eyes and they get infected easily.  I have a few samples I'm going to try but I will repurchase this at some point.
Maybelline Lash Discovery Mascara - This is my holy grail bottom lash mascara.  Again, replacing because it has been more than three months.  Already using a back up.
Put a Lid on It Eye Primer (TheBalm) - I went to use this after I finished the Urban Decay one and I think it got old so I'm trashing it.  The consistency is very weird to me.  If that is the normal consistency, I wouldn't like using it anyways.  
Nazelie Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream - This is also going in the trash because of the consistency.  It has balled up and it all goopy, not like it was when I got it.  It doesn't say how long it should last on the jar so I'm just pitching it.  Don't want to put anything questionable near my eyes.

April Totals:
I started with 304 products
I added 20 products (Birchbox, Walmart Box, samples)
I used up 21 products (7 full size, 9 deluxe samples, 3 foil packets, and 2 trashed items)
I will start May with 303 products.  Down 1 in my overall total:)

I spent $18.99 this month on a Lash Discovery mascara and Pixi concealer at Target.

I have used up a total of 82 products so far this year.  $556.84 in product has been used and an additional $141.01 has gone in the trash (this is why I need to not hoard products).  My budget is at -29.43 for 2015 and my $1 for each empty journey.  Even with my one purchase at Target, I'm still edging towards the positive in my budget.  My goal is to not be in the negative for long and definitely not at the end of the year.  

I'm feeling pretty good about how this journey is going.  I am doing well overall with resisting the urge to spend on products I don't really need.  Sample bags and gifts with purchase are so hard to pass up, but I'm doing okay.  I love seeing the progress, especially on products I've been using a long time and are finally nearing empty. 

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*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased with my own money.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.

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  1. I felt the same about that body wash....just too heavy and perfumish for my taste!