Monday, March 23, 2015

Finish 4 by July 4th and Pan that Palette Update

So, it is snowing here today.  Ick!  We should be done with snow when it is spring!  I find that I don't have as much time as I would like to be posting each month so I am going to roll a couple projects into one update.

Finish 4 by July 4th:
I did not participate in any of the projects this spring and I kind of missed having the deadline and seeing what I could finish.  So, I am going to join Amber F (Youtube) and everyone else in Finish 4 by July 4th.  Here is what I am choosing:

1.  Ready Set Gorgeous foundation from Cover Girl - I really like the coverage of this foundation but I think it changes on me after it is applied.  I'll go to put on lipstick in the car and it looks so much darker/more orange than my neck or when I applied it earlier.  So I would like to use it up and try some other foundations.  I didn't mark this because it is too full still.  I am hoping that by the next update you might see some empty tube.
2.  Maybelline FitMe concealer in fair - I also have this in light so I am trying to use up fair before summer comes and I get a little more color to my skin.  This is my favorite concealer I have ever tried so far, even though it is drugstore.  I do have a MAC concealer I bought that I want to get to so I'm trying to use up this one and the one in light so I can try out the MAC one.  I tried to get the concealer to move down the tube so I can mark it but it wouldn't cooperate.  I would guess I have half of this left.
3.  Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Branded - I am tired of this color tattoo.  These seem never ending but I am getting pretty far along with it and really want to finish it.  I did mark where it is on the bottom, but that whole side isn't full.  It kind of slopes down so I don't even have all of what it appears left.
4.  Bare Minerals cream shadow - This is a small sample from an Ipsy bag but it is old and much darker than I usually use.  However, with summer coming, I tend to use less makeup when I'm not working during the summer and I think this will be a good pick to throw on with some mascara each day for an easy look.
5.  Bonus - 4 eye shadows from my palette - see below

Pan That Palette Update:
I know I keep saying that I am going to set this palette aside for awhile.  But, I have hit pan on three of the shadows and am really close on a 4th now so that has motivated me a lot to continue to use it!  I'm not sure the dark shadows at the top will ever be used up, but if I could use up the lighter shadows towards the bottom, I would be very proud of myself.

I have hit pan on sassy (the white), snobby (the yellow), and seductive (the brown).  I am very close on stubborn (the pink).  My goal is to finish these 4 shadows as bonus items to my Finish 4 by July 4th.

Project Use It Up:
Last month, I finished my project pan and had a list of products to use up.  I have marked progress on the ones that I can and I am making progress on most of them.  However, it is quite a few products to show in a blog post and would make for a lot of reading!  So, I'm just going to show you my list and what I have crossed off.

Woohoo!  Not!  I only finished one of the products in the last month.  I know some of these might take awhile like the blush and concealer.  I also feel like others are lasting forever even though I am using them every day like the eye cream and oil.  The only one I can really say I haven't been using much is the pumpkin mask.  So, I will be trying to use that one more often.  As I stated last month, as I use something up, I will be replacing it with a new product.  My plan is to replace it with a similar product such as gloss for gloss or lipstick for lipstick.  I would like to have all items on this list gone by June 1st.

Whew!  That is a lot, but it would also mean a lot of progress by the beginning of July!  I post empties updates and lots of other beauty related goodies on my Instagram and Twitter @hmills79 so follow me over there!


*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased with my own money.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.

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  1. Great Post!!! I think I will join you on the "Finish 4 by July 4th" challenge. I've never tried any of these projects and am curious to see how I would do. Four items is a small enough number to start with! lol.

    Great job on hitting pan on four shades! I just spent all of March using my Nude'tude palette... I have a "One Month, One Palette" update on it later this week. I gotta say it wasn't one of my favs.

    Good Luck on your Project Pan!!! xoxoxo -Steph @the_wonky_brow