Monday, February 23, 2015

Project 10 Pan Update #2

I am a day late but had a very busy weekend.  So, I took the pictures on the 22nd (which is the date I started in December) even though it is being posted today.  I am also switching things up a bit but I will talk about that at the end.

I have finished 6 of the items after two months.  Being my first project pan, I was rather unrealistic about my time frame.  I originally thought it would take a month.  We are now at two months and I'm still going on some items.  But that is okay because I am still using them and making progress.

Here are the items I finished:

At first update I had finished:
Lorac Porefection primer - wouldn't purchase
Dr. Brandt pore vacuum - wouldn't purchase
Bare minerals concealer - okay for the face but not a necessity

Since then I finished:
Stila lip glaze in banana - I love these lip glosses although they can get messy.  I still have other colors to use up before I purchase again.
Tempt highlighter - This was more of a pink shade than a highlighter.  I used it with a stipple brush under my powder blush and liked this layering effect.  It isn't a product I would purchase though.
Define Night Cream - I really like this product and it lasted me quite awhile.  It isn't very heavy and greasy which I really like.  I have been adding a few drops of my Tarte maracuja oil to it recently since my skin has been extra dry with the cold winter air.

What I haven't finished:

Jo Malone perfume - I am almost done with this as you can see by the line at the bottom.  I think it will be done in the next week or so.  I absolutely love this perfume which is why it was included in my project pan.  I wanted to be sure I got my money's worth from it and it didn't go bad.  I have owned a few Jo Malone scents and would definitely purchase more.

NYX Powder blush - I am making progress on this although it is hard to tell.  The pan in the center is slightly bigger.  I have been layering this over the Temptu I finished.  I am now layering it with an Elf blush so that I don't get bored and continue to use it up.  I have a million blushes to use before I'd purchase.  I also find these blushes to be hit and miss.  I have another one and I'm not thrilled with the pigmentation even though this one is good.

Stila liner - I am using this every day and it is much shorter.  I bought a bunch of these when Stila clearanced them so I'm good for quite awhile.

The Balm Nude Tude palette - It is hard to see the dips in the eye shadows but I think I am close to pan on the shades I use every day.  Those are the yellow and white at the top.  The pink on the right and the brown which is fourth down on the left.
At the beginning I really liked this palette, but the more I use it, the less I like it.  Some of the shades are glittery and hard to work with.  I think part of it may also be the desire to change it up and not use the same colors every day.  So, once I hit pan on the shades I've been using, I will be taking a break from this palette unless I incorporate single shadows into a look.

I like the plan to use up products and cross items off a list.  I have kept a list of these items in my medicine cabinet and crossed them off.  I've also marked progress which helps me see that I am actually using them which can be hard to see day to day.  However, being new to this I am unsure how to start a new project.  I don't want to drag this out for another month just to try to finish these.  So, I am going to start Project Use It Up.  This will be rotating throughout the year so as I finish a product, I can add in a new one.  I think this will work better for me than a set number of products.  So, here is my new list:

As you can see, it still has the Stila Liner and NYX blush included so I can use those up.  I am almost done with the perfume and want to take a break from the palette so I didn't include those.  As I finish the Urban Decay gloss, I'll put a new gloss in its place.  Same with the masks, lotions, creams, etc.  This will ensure that I continue to use up products as the year goes on.

I am going to see how this works for me and I may change it again as the year goes on.  Who knows?

Thanks for joining me on this journey!  Would love for you to comment if you're also on the project pan journey so I can check out your progress!

I post product empties and other reviews on my Instagram and Twitter (@hmills79).

*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased with my own money.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.

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  1. Looks like you've used up quite a bit! Love seeing what you use & your mini reviews! I've been dying to try Jo Malone so I would love to know what you think about it & your favorite scents!