Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Was It Worth It? - Thoughts on October's Purchases

I can't believe how fast the days and weekends go by.  Somehow my time to blog always seems to disappear.  So I apologize for the delay in my posts.  I plan out my posts each month but something always seems to get in the way of my schedule.  Life, I suppose:)

It is time to review the purchases I made in October and see how I feel about them.  As I looked back on my October Haul post, I was surprised to find that the only items I purchased that month were what came in my Sephora Play box.

I also mentioned the Lorac Mega Pro 3 palette since I purchased it at the end of September/beginning of October.  I am still loving that palette!  I don't use it nearly as much as I should but I would be happy using it every day if I didn't own any other shadows.  It has a good mix of shimmer and matte and so many shades that I love to wear.

Onto my Sephora Play box:

YSL Mon Paris - I have not tried this perfume sample yet.  However, I am trying to work through all of my perfume samples this year so stay tuned to my empties for a review.  I know I have a few in this scent.

Smash box Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick in Driver's Seat - I did end up passing this on to someone else.  The orange/brown tones in this are not good for me.

Blinc mascara - This was in my empties awhile back.  I tried it out for a bit and just wasn't a huge fan.   It creeped me out to feel like I was pulling off my eye lashes as I removed it.  In addition, it didn't do anything great for my lashes.  I need more volume than I get from this mascara.

Belif true cream aqua bomb - I haven't opened this yet but I have used it before and I know I like it.  I only have a few more uses in the daytime moisturizer I am using now and then I will be opening this one.

Christophe Robin regenerating mask - I am glad I read the label of this as I was making my inventory because it is a hair mask (not a skin mask as I had thought).  I am just finishing up a hair mask and then I will try this one out.

Skin Inc Pure Revival Peel - I need to pull this and a few other peels out that I have and start using them.  Keep an eye on my empties.

Well, that is about it for my reviews of October's purchases.  There wasn't much purchased, which is a good thing when you are trying to downsize what you own.  I hope to get my next post up soon!


* All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased by me.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

New to Me in January

Time to share with you my January haul!  I had some Sephora gift cards so I splurged a bit on products this month.

Sephora Purchase #1:
I won a gift card giveaway from @Jenn10orless on Instagram so I was super excited to splurge on some products.  I had been wanting a larger Z-palette so I picked up one of those.  I was going to try the Make Up Forever shadows but my IG friend, @aworldoffab, suggested I try the Anastasia ones instead.  I bought two shades in Sangria and Suede.

Sephora Purchase #1 Freebies:
I had points to redeem and decided to give these Clinique products a try.  This set included a cleanser, eye cream, moisturizer, and mascara.  I also got a sample of the Sunday Riley vitamin C cream with a sample code.  The other packets were my free sample choices.

Sephora Purchase #2:
As I said, I had quite a bit in gift cards from the holidays.  I wanted to choose some fun products that I probably wouldn't spend my own money on due to the price.  I bought the Caudalie Instant Detox Masque.  I have used foil samples of this before and loved it!   There have been quite a few Caudalie samples and deluxe sizes lately that I have tried so I decided to buy this Foaming Cleanser to try out as well.

Sephora Purchase #2 Freebies:
At the time I placed the Caudalie order, there was a skincare sample bag freebie.  So, these are all the products I received free with my order.  Excited to see another Caudalie product in there to try!

Sephora Play Box:
Ouai Hair Mask
Tarte Frixxtion stick
Clinique Black Honey lip product
Youth to the People cream
Tory Burch Love Relentlessly
I have to say that I wasn't too wowed by the Play box again this month.  Since I am trying to cut down on products and save money, I am seriously considering canceling this box.  We will see over the next few months.

Julep Maven Box:
This was my first month receiving this box since I subscribed around Christmas.
I received two polishes in Pacita and Evan.  I also got the lip crayon on Vintage Mauve creme.
I do know that I swapped some products this month but I don't remember what it was now.  I love that you can swap out nail polish colors and products with this box because then I can choose items I am more likely to use.  Also, you can skip months if you would like.  I am really liking this box!

Also purchased but not pictured:
Wet and Wild Shadow in Creme Brûlée
Maybelline brow precise fiber volumizer in blonde

Since my Sephora purchases were with gift cards, I only paid for the Wet and Wild shadow and brow product.
I spent $10.58 this month (not too crazy so that is good).
Including purchases and free samples, I added 43 products which is way too much!  And way more than I used up.  However, I purposely made my Sephora purchases when there was a sample bag included so that is really something I need to work on since I am bad about then using those samples.

What fun purchases have you made lately?

*All products were purchased by me.  All opinions are my own.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Beauty Empties - January

Happy Sunday to you all!  I hope you all have exciting Super Bowl plans.  We will just be hanging out at home but hubby is making a super yummy meal and has been smoking a pork shoulder all day.

I did not use up very many products in January, kind of disappointing actually.  However, there are quite a few that are almost finished so hopefully February will be better.  I'm also working on #foilfebruary so that will help my totals.  At this point, I don't have products around anymore that are partially used so I don't anticipate as many empties each month since I am starting with full products.

Here are the few items I finished in January...

Kiehls Calendula herbal-extract toner - I tried this toner out because it is made for normal to oily skin and is supposed to help keep skin clear.  I did like it but it is not as good as the Mario Badescu Glycol Acid Toner so I won't repurchase.

First Aid Beauty face cleanser - This is a good basic cleanser but it can be a bit drying for me in the winter.  I will definitely use samples when I get them but it isn't a cleanser I would purchase.

Benefit Gimme Brow - I love this product for my brows.  I had the shade 1.  I am very lazy with my brows and only use this to fill them in.  While this is pricey, this deluxe size lasted me at least 6 months so the full size is definitely worth it.  I will repurchase at some point unless I try something I like better.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream - Not a fragrance that made an impression on me.  But I didn't hate it enough to toss it before it was finished:)

Versace Bright Crystal - Again, nothing special. And this one didn't seem to last very long either.

Oribe Superfine Hair Spray - I loved this stuff!  It is expensive but I might splurge on it one day.  I am on my last hairspray in my stash so I will need to purchase something in the next few months, although I'm not sure it will be this.

Vitabath body wash in Beach Blossom - I loved this scent!  I really liked these body washes and will repurchase other scents (and maybe this one) at some point.  I am happy to say that I am on my very last body wash now so I will need to purchase one in the next month or so.

Sephora Cotton Pads - I love these!  I think at least one pack show up every month in my empties.  I stocked up a few months ago but I will need to repurchase soon!

I am going to keep track of total used, but in a different way.  I do not have the time to calculate the price of samples based on the full size.  And technically, I didn't pay for the samples anyways.  So, I will not include those in my total used.  As for deluxe sizes, if they were free, they won't count.  If they were in Birchbox or Play, they will count as $2.00 or $2.50 since the boxes cost $10 and have 4-5 samples.  I will include the total if it is a full size product.  I hope that make sense.

That means my total used for January was $34.99.

Totals for the year -
Products:  13 (2 full size, 3 deluxe size, 8 samples)
Money:  $34.99

Thanks for stopping by!

*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased by me. I was not compensated in any way for this post.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Project Use It Up - February Goals

I can't believe it is already February!  One month of 2017 is over.  February is very exciting, though, because it is my birthday month!!  Woo hoo!

The beginning of a new month means new goals for Project Use It Up.  Most of my products are carrying over from January but a few will definitely be done this month so that is good news.

These were my January goals.  I did very well checking off those boxes.  I even painted my nails once right at the end of the month.  It is just so hard to find a long enough block of time to paint them and let them dry.  I did not finish any of my products listed this month but you will see a little further down that I am close.

My February goals are staying pretty much the same as are the products.  Since taking the pictures, I have added a small section at the bottom to tally up how many foil packets I use for #foilfebruary that is taking place over on Instagram.  

Murad toner - I made good progress again this month.  I figure I might actually finish it in the next few months.  I know I haven't mentioned it lately but I use this on my back and chest area where I break out (from sweaty workouts) because it is too harsh for my face.

Smashbox blemish control primer - I am so close to being done with this.  When I finish I will be trying to use up primer foil packets and then I will start in on this Becca primer.  I have marked where I am starting and the packaging will work its way up as I use up product.

Air Repair Facial Mist - Again, I am very close to having this finished. I assume it will be done this month.

Living Proof night cap - This is a total guess as to my progress on this product because you can't see through it, even if you hold it up to the light.  I have used a few times but I always forget because I need to apply it the night before I am going to shower.  If I can remember to use it, I think it will go quickly.

Marc Jacobs Dot perfume - I did not make as much progress as I did in December because I am also trying to work through perfume samples.  I used 2 perfume samples first and then used this for the remainder of the month after those were finished.  I am going to continue with that for the next few months and see what I work through.

Tarte Maracuja Oil - You can't really see my mark on this but it was full when I started and I have used a good amount.  It will still take me months to finish.  I am using this on my chest and neck area when I apply lotion to my arms and legs.  Recently, I have also been using it on any other dry areas on my body after I shower because this winter weather is wreaking havoc on my skin.

There hasn't been too much change in products but I am really hoping to finish up a few soon and move on to new ones.  I have debated switching out the perfume for some variety but this is the oldest perfume I own (by a lot) and it should really get finished up.

As I said above, I will also be participating in #foilfebruary on Instagram this month in an effort to use up foil packets.  Check out @haley0614 on Instagram to see what all is happening.  I will post those empties and reviews on Instagram so follow me @lovetobebusyblog if you are interested.


*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased by me.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Pan That Palette 2017 - February Update

Guess what!?  The sun came out this morning!  Guess what else?  It was cloudy by the time I got home so my pictures are dark once again.  Ugh!

This is my February update for my Pan That Palette for the year.  I am one month into this project.  You can check out my intro here.  I am continuing to work on my Tarte Matte-nificent palette from 2016 and also focusing on my Naked palette since it is the oldest palette I own.  My goal is to pan as many shadows as possible so I will be throwing in other shadows as we go, especially if they are close to being finished.  In addition, I am rotating through blushes in an attempt to work through them as well.

Here is what I ended up using in January...

The top of the pictures is where I am at with the Tarte palette.  I use these as transition shades in my crease, the dark purple as liner, and the light pink on my brow bone.

The Stila In the Light palette was not included at the beginning of the month.  However, I was so close to finishing Kitten during the month that I started using it to try to finish that shade.  As you can see, it has a tiny bit left and will be finished off in the next few days.

I am using the darker shade in the Formal Eyes palette from Coastal Scents in my crease.  I am not using the cream shade at this time because I have a shadow in my Sweet on Project Panning seasonal challenge that I am using all over my lid to set my primer.  When I finished that, I'll go back to working on this cream shade.

The blushes I included were Laura Gellar in Tropic Hues and NYX in Mauve.  If you saw my new post, Letting Go, you saw that I decluttered that blush.  If you missed that post, you can check it out here.  The blush had no pigment ( I am guessing due to age) so I chose to get rid of it.

My planned palettes and blushes for February...

I will continue to work on the Tarte palette and the darker shade in the Coastal Scents duo.  Because the pan is so small and it was a free sample, I will not repress the shadow in the duo.  I will use as much as I can without ruining my brush.  That being said, I hope I can consider it finished this month.

I hope to use more of my Naked palette this month since I ended up adding in other shadows in January.

I am definitely seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with that Laura Gellar blush and feel like I could be close to finishing it.  However, I am tired of using it at the moment and so I'm going to set it to the side and I'll come back to it another month.

For this month, I am going to use the blush in the Tarte palette which is the shade Elevated (I have looked and have not seen it sold as a full size blush).  I will also be using the Cargo blush in Bali which is a little more peach for some variety.

I would love to hear what you are panning!  Oh, and if it is sunny where you are:)  Please send sun!


*All products were purchased by me.  All opinions are my own.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Sweet on Project Panning Update

Almost one month down for 2017 already!  I'm excited because that means my birthday month will be starting soon:)  And we are one month closer to warmer weather.

I am going to be updating my progress for the Sweet on Project Panning seasonal challenge.  This was started on Youtube and a lot of people have joined in both on Youtube and Instagram.  If you search Sweet on Project Panning on Youtube or #sweetpans on Instagram, you can see all of the people participating.  This will be my only update for this project.  I started January 1st and ends February 28th so we are halfway through the project at this time.  You can see my intro post here.

Here is where I am at...

1.  Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle spray - I am at the black line right above the design at the bottom of the bottle.  This was new when I started but I use it every time I dry my hair and sometimes when I air dry it as well.  This will be definitely be finished soon!

2.  Mario Badescu Strawberry Tonic Mask - My goal for this project was to use this mask once a week.  It was brand new when I started but I wanted to see how much I could get through.  I am going to use this again on Sunday (my night I usually mask), however, I think it might be breaking me out.  I can't decide if it detoxifying spots on my skin or causing the breakouts itself.

After this Sunday, if I still seem to be having skin issues, I am going to switch to the Fresh Rose Mask and try to finish it up during the month of February.  That way I am still working through a "sweet" product but I am not fretting about the state of my skin while I do it.  This is the other jar pictured.

3.  NYX eyeshadow in White Pearl - I have been working on the top left corner and do see some progress but it definitely isn't moving as quickly as I had thought it would.  I use this as a base all over my lid before I apply my other shadows.  I am going to try to use it as a face highlight too to try and work through it by the end of this project.

4.  Soap and Glory A Great Kisser lip balm - My goal was to work on the left side of this balm to clear it out.  I have definitely expanded the pan since I started at the beginning of the month.  I apply this every morning before my makeup.  I then to try to use this as my primary lip balm when I am home and need something.

5.  Stila Lip Glaze in Raspberry Sorbet - You can see my progress mark on this lipgloss.  Although it looks bright, it is pretty sheer.  I am really only applying this once a day so I am going to try to throw in some extra applications.  I am not totally sure I will finish this, it will be close.

6.  Bonus Item - Chapstick in Cake Batter - You can see my progress marks on the paper above the chapstick.  I used quite a bit by applying this each night before bed but I am not sure I will finish this product in the next month.  If not, I will definitely be pretty close.

I apologize for the picture quality but it has been nothing but dark and cloudy here.  The weather man says it could be next weekend before we see the sun and I don't want to wait that long to be posting on the blog (if the sun even appears:).

Thanks for stopping by!

*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased by me.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Letting Go Vol. 1

I'm going to start a new type of post on the blog.  I usually throw in my declutter items at the end of my monthly empties post.  However, I sometimes feel as though these products warrant their own reviews and explanations as to why they didn't work for me.  Also, they aren't really empty so it doesn't always make sense to lump them in with that type of post.  So, I'm going to call these Letting Go and share products I am letting go of even though they are not empty.  This may not be a monthly post depending on how many products I have, if any.

Disclaimer:  Just because these products didn't work for me, doesn't mean they won't work for you.  We are all different with different preferences.  I am just sharing why I have opted to move these products out my collection.  In addition, with panning and trying out new products, I have elected not to keep products around unless I absolutely love them.

The products I am letting go of this month are...

1.  Origins Vita Zing sheer tint release - I was excited to try out this product because I love light/medium coverage products versus full coverage foundations.  This also has an SPF of 15 which is great for every day in the winter when I am not outside often.  The problem with this is the tint.  I am fair skinned and this was way too dark and too orange for me.  I looked like an oompa loompa so it must go.

2.  Mally Age Rebel concealer - I bought this concealer a very long time ago for my face.  I have tried several times over the last few years to use it and I have finally given up.  This is very thick and I find it looks unnatural on my skin.  I have the shade light.  I also find the shade tends towards a very yellow tone which also isn't great for my skin tone.

3.  NYX blush in Mauve - I included this as one of the two blushes I was going work on this month in my Pan That Palette post at the beginning of the month.  I believe this blush just got old.  I can't tell you when I bought it and I know I have never used it.  My brush picks up very little product and what it does pick up, does not show up on my cheeks.  I feel like I am ruining my brush trying to get enough product on it so this is going to go.

4.  Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant in Pure Vanilla - I have been trying out natural deodorants and am just not finding one that works for me (yet).  I had this on for about 6 hours before I could really smell myself (eeeewww!).  Now, I do sweat a lot during the day (just how I am) and I do work out almost daily so I need something pretty powerful.  I will continue my hunt but this just did not work for my body.

I hope these reviews are helpful for you.  I am always trying to find some new things to add to the blog and give some variety to my posts.

Thanks for reading!

*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased by me.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.